Synergy Vision Forays Into Prescription And Coloured Lens Market!

Synergy Vision Forays Into Prescription And Coloured Lens Market!

Synergy Vision has launched its unique, coloured contact lenses with ‘Solitaire’ brand in the Middle East

With unique color combination and a wide range of refractive error coverage (including, Spherical, Multifocal, Astigmatism and Astigmatism with Multifocal), Synergy Vision is presenting more options and choices for patients and the eye care practitioners. With available parameters in this segment, ‘Solitaire’ brand can cover 85 percent to 95 percent of population-based needs related to vision correction and beauty enhancement.

Solitaire‘Solitaire’ brand colour lens for astigmatism provides freedom of both the world to patients. It provides clear stable vision throughout the day, thanks to Dynamic stabilized design and enhances the beauty of your eyes with its unique natural single tone colors, available in eight different variants.

‘Solitaire’ brand colour lens for a multifocal range of prescription is also available in eight different variants for various range of multifocal prescriptions. It is simultaneous vision contact lens with aspheric base cure of 8.6 mm, center near design with a total diameter of 14mm. For each, near and intermediate powers are preliminarily concentrated in a central part of the optic zone, while distance power is contained in surrounding portion. Special ‘ski lift’ edge is designed for tear lens exchange and maximum comfort during lens wear. In conclusion better life depends on better vision, at the acceptable effort and proven comfort along with safety Currently ‘Solitaire’ brand colour contact lens for multifocal appears to be the best balance between presbyopia vision correction needs including beauty enhancement.

SolitaireThe ‘Solitaire’ contact lens is supported by the ‘Synergy Vision app’ which is a breakthrough innovation in digital media presence, allowing customers to choose the best aesthetic fit contact lens from the comfort of their homes.

Synergy Vision was envisaged with a focus on ‘clear vision for all’, by providing the best eye care solutions. Being a subsidiary of Synergy Pharma, a well-established pharmaceutical company with ubiquitous presence in the MENA region, Synergy Vision has forayed into the Colour and Prescription contact lenses, Eye care solutions, and Diagnostic ophthalmic products to serve the people of the GCC and MENA region.

SolitaireFeatures of the ‘Synergy Vision’ App:

  • The ‘Synergy Vision’ App digitally matches your self-image to the best aesthetic fit lens.
  • Customers can virtually fit and match the ‘Solitaire’ color lens options on their self-image thereby helping in the decision making the process from the comfort of their homes.
  • After selecting the best-fit lens, the app further helps consumers to locate the nearest optical store where their chosen lens can be obtained.