Silhouette : An Icon Gets A Makeover

The most famous rimless glasses celebrate their anniversary and Silhouette gives an innovative update to the legendary Titan Minimal Art 

With the introduction of Titan Minimal Art (TMA), Silhouette revolutionised the eyewear market in 1999. Glasses, which weigh only 1.8 grams. Light as a feather and a completely new comfort, which no other glasses have achieved to this day. Meanwhile, they are the icon of an entire industry. That is reason enough to appreciate this legendary product and give it an innovative update.

Silhouette TMA Icon

TMA Icon 5541

The famous TMA version remains true to its legendary design DNA but shines in a completely new light with a total of 12 versions. The design focuses on the minimalist design and is supported by the use of a subtle colour play, with variations from matte to iridescent. For example, the six women’s models enchant with features such as temples in intense magenta, fine rosé gold or in iridescent colours from purple to blue to green. They adapt to every look of the wearer without outshining her personality. With the six men’s models, the Austrian company relies on more austere colours, such as shiny ruthenium, which are no less modern, but simultaneously classic and contemporary. From the men’s models, two models particularly stand out for their shiny front and their brushed temples. Silhouette, the Light Magic theme is also ingeniously transformed for the reserved gentlemen.

Silhouette TMA Icon 5541

Silhouette TMA Icon 5541

Of course, the characteristic minimalist design, as well as the enormous comfort of the successful model, remains intact. All the new products have this in common – they are supplemented by a high-quality titanium ring at the temple end. This results in a design combination that skillfully meets the zeitgeist and yet never goes out of style.