Nova Anti-Fog Cloth For Clear Vision

Nova Eyewear, the flagship brand of Vision Rx Lab, brings a much-needed solution for spectacle wearers during the on-going pandemic who are facing difficulty in clear vision when pairing glasses with masks for protection, which could often lead to fogging of lenses.

The latest innovation from the kitty of the global brand, Nova Anti-Fog Cloth helps to keep glasses fog-free for long hours with every use. This easy to carry cloth works with 2 simple steps of steaming up the lenses by exhaling air and then wiping it for 10 seconds with the special anti-fog cloth for keeping the glasses fog-free. It could be used on existing glasses and is effective on all kinds of lenses and coatings. Also, a single cloth of Nova Anti-Fog is effective up to 450 uses within a year if used with care.

This innovative Nova Anti-Fog cloth is available in a box of 24 pieces for retail display and selling and would be available to the end consumer for purchase in single cloth pouches.