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Brand Profile: 3 page = 900 to 1000 words

I f4  pages then 1200 words

Reference Links: Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Givenchy

WileyX –

Brand Profile: A profile of the leading fashion designers, their foray into the world of fashion and their product lines, including eyewear.

Word Count: 1000 words

– Brand History and Creation
The article should begin with a brief intro about the history of the designer, how and when the brand came into being, talking about the journey of the designer whilst creating the brand and who is the face and front runner of the brand now.

– Highlights and accomplishments of the Brand / Designer
The flow of the article should then turn towards the highlights of the designer and accomplishments of the brand, detailed information about the products and the company’s design style, etc. The products to be covered here are everything under the company’s umbrella.

– Glamour Quotient / Celebrity Watch
The feature should have a glamour quotient, in accordance with what the designer is known for. A brief paragraph about the celebrities that endorse/are often seen wearing the designer’s products can add a bit of that oomph factor, that will elevate the soul of the article.

– Products
In the latter part of the article, the focus should shift onto the brand’s eyewear products and design aspects. Include information about the latest eyewear collection along with some inputs like:
What makes the designer stand out?
Mentions about some iconic eyewear from the designer.
What kind of designs/materials are they known to use?
A particular product that makes the brand instantly recognizable

– Timeline
Finally, a box-out about the Brand’s milestones in a year-wise format will complete the article.

– Breakdown for the article:
30% – Introduction & History
40% – Company information
30% – Eyewear products

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Demo Brand

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