Wheelpower… Racing Ahead With Eyewear

Brands are an integral part of our lives. Some brands evoke pride, most evoke loyalty. And when the brand is that of a car, it evokes passion, loyalty, obsession and a desire to possess more and more of the same brand.

Seems like owning just the car of a particular brand was not good enough. People want the car name to be displayed on their faces! No kidding! If one were to go by the influx of car brands into eyewear, it’s completely true. And frankly why not? With the branding that the car brands already command, extending the brand’s values into an eyewear seems like the logical next step.

And consumers seem to be loving it. Feeling the material that’s used on the steering wheel again on the temple of the eyewear has a certain brand connect that’s not possible with other brands. Using similar materials and of course having the brand name and the logo right out there is something that’s proving a little hard to resist for the consumers.

Here’s a few of the car brands that have made their mark in the eyewear segment.

The Porsche Effect

Once a Porsche fan, always a Porsche fan. One of the most creative luxury car manufacturers, Porsche, the eyewear associated with this brand, Porsche Design comes with the same elan and precision that goes in the making of Porsche cars. The Porsche eyewear speaks of understated elegance. Just like their cars, the eyewear designs of Porsche are classy, minimalistic and pure.

The Porsche Design P’8664 Visor

The Porsche Design P’8664 Visor is a veritable revolution in eyewear inspired by automotive engineering and continually refined over a period of four years. The innovative creation from Studio F. A. Porsche received the 2019 German Design Award.

The P’8664 Visor is the first frame to be manufactured using incredibly precise “formed-in-place” technology. Similar to a windshield assembly, a six-axis robot applies a thin adhesive layer to the titanium front before the contoured silver-mirrored shield is attached. Refreshingly innovative fine engineering that is available in strictly limited quantities:

Only 911 pieces of the Visor were to be manufactured, each delivered in an exclusive edition box.

Mercedes-Benz- The Best Or Nothing

Deeply believing in their slogan, the best or nothing, Mercedes Benz believes in marvelling you with their supreme quality and engineering prowess. The eyewear is beautiful and reliable and their designs, sharp and bold. Their unique designs, the flash of royal colours, the fusion of present and future in their creativity is what makes this German brand wow its consumers in eyewear too.

The Jaguar Experience

The sleek, leaping Jaguar adoring the bonnet of their car speaks of rich heritage and the Jaguar eyewear is no different. Pouring great attention in the minutest of details, Jaguar eyewear is designed to flatter every face shape. From Ariator to oval to rounded edge to square frames, the jaguar eyewear can be easily described as works of excellence.

BMW- The High Performing Machine

Starting its journey in 1928, BMW has always been all about making their customer comfortable and feel like royalty. Whether it is style or safety , this German brand is foremost in every mind. Likewise, the BMW eyewear collection is not shy of showing what it stands for, and that is boldness. The eyewear collection embodies the spirit of its car. Their sleek frames in metal and their vibrant hues add that special dash of panache.

Maybach- Class With Exclusivity

The Maybach cars reflect futuristic designs in all its models and it’s retro modern look appeals to the young and the old. The eyewear designs, both on the bridge and side-shields will bring the picture of the car’s radiator grill which the design is inspired by. Made of strong Titanium and coated with pure platinum and using other elements like luxury wood and genuine buffalo horn, the Maybach eyewear speaks of luxury and exclusivity.

The Bespoke Bentley

The eyewear designs of Bentley reflects the principles of the car, that of trustworthiness, exclusiveness and reliability. Each of Bentley’s eyewear is handcrafted with exceptional materials like platinum, gold, Titanium, wood and buffalo horn. Each of the eyewear products is contemporary and unique. Packed in exclusive leather casings, the craftsmanship of each eyewear design is unique and exclusive, just like it’s cars.