See Well and Play Better : An IVI – VisionPlus Panel Discussion


27 Sep 2021


05.30 pm Indian Standard Time




See Well and Play Better : An IVI – VisionPlus Panel Discussion

India Vision Institute in association with VisionPlus Magazine is organising a panel discussion on ‘See Well and Play Better’.

About the panel discussion

Vision has a significant role in improving athletes’ performance. It has been documented that good eyesight is responsible for providing 80% of perceptual input in sports. This discussion aims to cover the requirement of visual skills for different sports, the importance of maintaining optimum vision on athletes’ performance enhancement, the common types of sports-related eye injuries and their preventive measures and the role of Optometrists in the management of sports-related vision problems

Who can attend

Optometry students, practitioners, educators, and others interested.


Vinod Daniel, CEO, India Vision Institute



Dr Amritha Stalin

Amritha is currently pursuing her post-doctoral research on the visual consequences of stroke at the University of Waterloo. During her doctoral research on sports vision, she worked in collaboration with the International Paralympics Committee to develop classification systems for Nordic and Alpine Paralympic skiers with visual impairment. She has immense experience working with athletes with visual impairments. She has completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degree in optometry from Elite School of Optometry, Chennai.

Dr Cathy Stern

Dr. Cathy Stern is a behavioral, developmental and neuro optometrist with special interests in sports vision, vision rehabilitation, vision therapy, optometric phototherapy and the use of assistive technology. She is a current trustee and research director of the College of Syntonic Optometry (CSO) and leads the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association’s (NORA) Clinical Applications of Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation clinical skills course. She spent time in India with MIT Engineering the Eye and enjoys teaching and working with both students and practitioners. She believes the eyes and vision are key players in prevention, enhancement, and rehabilitation for lifelong success.

Dr Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen

Dr Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen is currently serving as the president for the Optometric association of Tamil Nanbargal (OATN), the legal association for Optometry in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Through this role, she has been working towards the advocacy for Optometry to be established as an independent eyecare profession in the state and in the country. Dr. Hussaindeen has just taken over as the Head of Rivoli vision Academy at the Rivoli Vision, UAE, to lead the strategic planning and functioning of the Academy. Dr. Hussaindeen is the first clinical Diplomate from India, in the section of Binocular vision, perception and pediatric Optometry of the American academy of Optometry (AAO) and is the inaugural president for the AAO-India chapter. Dr. Hussaindeen’s expertise spans across clinical specialties of binocular vision, pediatric optometry, learning related vision problems, cerebral visual impairment, amblyopia, and neuro-optometry. Her doctoral research pertains to understanding binocular vision anomalies among school children. Dr. Hussaindeen has many peer reviewed publications in international journals and also has authored chapters in books.

Md Oliullah Abdal

Md. Oliullah Abdal is the Founder Director of Bynocs™ vision therapy software. He obtained his Bachelor of Optometry degree from West Bengal University of Technology and Master of Optometry degree from Chitkara University. He also underwent clinical optometry fellowship training at LV Prasad Eye Institute. His expertise is in binocular vision, vision therapy, and visual optics. Along with his speciality clinical work, he has engaged himself in innovation and research on management of binocular vision disorder. He is one of the pioneers in dichoptic vision therapy for amblyopia and antisuppression.

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