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COVID19 continues to affect everyone’s life in more than one way. Its impact on the business community is a big worrying factor and everyone is looking at ways to overcome this situation. You have an article on ‘Getting Back to Business’ in this issue where three men from the industry do their talking.

The current situation has also got everyone in the optical industry talking about how to make the ‘Make In India’ concept a success. I thought the best person to answer this question is someone who is already a Make-In-India man and you have In Focus with Deepakbhai Shah sharing his insights on this topic.

In Trends, we have the latest collections featuring the most iconic shape of all time — Aviators. In Brand Profile, you can rediscover how one man built a brand he believed in and took it to unimaginable heights. Diesel is that brand and Renzo Rosso is the man behind the brand.

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