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It’s hard to say, what hasn’t already been said about the event and this initiative as a whole. The fourth edition of VP Academy held in Ahmedabad has set benchmarks for the organizers and has set the expectations of the attendees higher…

VP Academy finished its fourth training session in Ahmedabad, this Sunday – December 2nd. It was a delightful experience and Ahmedabad proved that it is willing to learn and is open to gaining in-depth knowledge by being present in its almost full strength by 10 am, and not to miss the two early birds who were there at 9.30 am on a Sunday morning. The training session was conducted with the earnest support of the Ahmedabad Optical Association.




The morning session began with Radhika Francis leading the training by emphasising on the need of creating a “marketing plan” to generate leads on the basis of a bi-monthly calendar to coincide with the activity chart of the general customers, just as how December, January would be ideal to plan for reading glasses. Radhika took the audience through the various store display pictures emphasising on the need for being pertinent. She was very clear as to not prejudge a customer, instead subtly understand their lifestyle and thereby understand their requirements, and advise if they should go in for Transition Lens or other such useful variations. Radhika also shared a Marketing Calendar.

Radhika Francis taking a session on Ophthalmic Lenses

This was immediately followed by Khyati Kapadia taking the ardent students through on how to recognise the dominant eye versus the non dominant eye, as in the case of a left hand batsman or right handed,  explaining the need to understand every persona so as to ensure that each customer feels personalised in the attention that he receives with the spectacle lens that he wears. The lens needs to match his working style as well as his personal traits.

Khyati Kapadia shedding light on the topic of Ophthalmic Lenses

To interest the optical stores – we had Alim Bolar one of our Directors presenting the benefit of being associated with www.youandeyeonline.com. He went on to add how the optical stores can take optimum benefit out of the site by dealing with brands from the comfort of their store across the world, and in turn getting a microsite hosted to the link. The concept was well accepted by the members present as well as the Trainers – including Prof. Monica Chowdhry.

Monica Choudhary sharing her knowledge of contact lenses

After the sumptuous lunch at the Sabarmati River Front overlooking of The Lemon Tree Premier, we had the well experienced and respected Prof. Monica Chowdhry, talking about why training is going to be part of the government’s initiative to ensure that customers are given their due by well trained, experienced and certified practitioners.

Prof. Monica went on to add the benefits of contact lens and how it can be part of the personal makeup and how the convenience of its versatility leads to better vision as well as about the range of Multifocal Contact Lens available to suit every need. She also guided the students through the range of vision – Monovision, Binocular, Near and Distance, and how the eyes in tandem with the brain choose to see what is important either with the dominant one eye or with both the eyes.

The last session was on Spectacle Frames and it was conducted by Urmi Gogri, who took the participants through the various types and range of spectacle frames available. From the Nylon to acetate to aluminium to metal – she took us through the various properties of each of them and how it can be made more convenient to the user if their daily routine and the environment that they work in is understood. Especially, her take on the point where an aluminium frame could be a chill on the temple if it is used in cool weather. Urmi’s range of Eyewear bridge and the spectacle shapes and sizes including prescription sunglasses all added to a one-day session of being well informed and trained in the various aspects of connecting as close to PRESBYOPES.

Urmi Gogri speaking on Frames and Sunglasses

And as ever, the certificates, the graduation caps, the photo opportunity all added glory to an otherwise hard working day of acquiring knowledge in your chosen field.


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