An Industry Appraisal

An Industry Appraisal

With the voting process of ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS announced, we decided to check with past winners of the awards, how it felt to be recognised by the industry and their expectations from the event this year.

It’s been 5 years that we’ve been helping consumers and the brand owners rate and opticians. It was a novel initiative at that time and one that won us a lot of appreciation. The last 4 editions have been an interesting experience and we thought it was time now to let the participants and winners rate us and provide their feedback.

Here’s a few of the feedback from
past participants and winners

Sanjay Tekchandani
Organisation: Vision 2020

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It felt very nice to be recognised by the industry for the good work that we have done. It also gives us an insight as to what we are lacking, and where we need innovation. For the 2021 awards, there could be a whole new set of categories related to the challenging times of Covid in 2020. Eg.

What stores, opticians did in 2020 to deal with this situation? How many have innovative protocols completed their stocks in advance? How did they go the extra mile to service customers during the lockdown and they should be recognised. Also, many B Towns and small stand-alone stores have been adversely hit, there could be 2 awards per category, as a runner-up award to keep up the motivation high. Also, a category like CSR incentives should be done away with for in 2020 it would be difficult for all.

The boutique stores should be maximum as 2 stores. 3-5 Stores should form a different category. There should be a level-playing field to all players of the market. Also in the case of awards, Google reviews and online Customer feedback can be looked into.


Amman Kumar,
Organisation: R Kumar Opticians

You&Eye are the only pan-India awards that recognise excellence in the optical industry. It’s always an exhilarating feeling to get up on stage to receive the award. I’ve always taken it as a recognition of the hard work and initiatives taken by my grandfather, father and uncle to build a foundation on which I and my brothers can take the business to the next level.  I appreciate the initiative taken by the Bolars and Team You&Eye to put up this show every year.


Mohamed Kamal
Organisation: Vision Opticals

I received the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS and I am proud to have the award because in Indian optical history, the award function was the first time and I received it at the first session.


Priyanka Dedhia
Organisation: Classic Vision

We have been participating in the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS for the past three years, winning awards in all the three years in different categories.

And to say it, very simply, the feeling is like being on the top of the world! It has thoroughly motivated us to do better, think of innovative ways to create a better and bigger setup in eyewear and eyecare and filled us with positivity for the unlimited possibilities. Unfortunately, this year because of the pandemic, we could not meet but we are eagerly awaiting this event next year.

Just as fine wine improves with every passing year, our experiences have been enriched every year and we are waiting for the awards in 2021.


Snehal Turakhia
Organisation: Turakhia Opticians

Over the years ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS has carved a special place in the minds of optical retailers. This is due to the fact that it covers various aspects of optical retail and the process is transparent where the voting is carried out by industry people and customers.

These awards can be very well leveraged as an excellent marketing tool with their customer base and prospective customer base. In fact, we had done this when my dad was awarded the LifeTime achievement award earlier and this was shared with our customers and was very much appreciated by way of so many responses.

The goodwill generated was tremendous. This program has been growing from strength to strength and hopefully, in 20-21, there will be many more entries especially from the non-metro segment as they gear up for fierce competition ahead. Wishing a grand success for the 20-21 edition.


Bhavesh Shah
Organisation: Perfect Optics

ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS has given us the platform to be recognised in the industry. It has boosted the morale of every optician to be better than yesterday. We feel an immense sense of pride to be awarded in 2017 and 2018 for Excellence in Customer Service. We look forward to the 2021 edition with more categories to be covered as every optician has some expertise to be highlighted and cherished for their work by this forum. To sum it up in all, all opticians nationwide have come under one banner for the betterment of tomorrow and the future.


Nilesh Mittal
Organisation: Mittal Optics

It was a fantastic feeling receiving the award for the store design category. This was our first time being awarded and recognised by the optical industry.

Yes, we have paid detailed attention to our designing of our stores and all those who visit us appreciate it. We receive good appreciation from HNI customers as well from other countries as well. We conduct a lot of CSR activities along with our marketing activities, which helps in our endeavour of building an authentic and genuine brand.


Yogesh Jain
Organization: Eyesense

It was and continues to be a moment of achievement and glory. The 20-21 year nomination categories should be more into the safety measures applied or undertaken by opticians for prevention against COVID-19. All the best.


Manmeet Singh
Organization: Hardev Opticals

The moment I was asked to respond to what I felt about ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS, the first word that came to my mind is "Remarkable".

It's a great concept and wonderful opportunity for opticians to showcase their expertise. This platform also encourages opticians to use newer technologies.

As you all know that due to pandemic we all are struggling to meet our goals and I would love to take part every coming year with more enthusiasm to learn more experience from my colleagues and friends. Thank you Team ‘You&Eye’ Magazine. Keep it up!


Shailender Monga
Organization: Dr Monga Opticians,

The recognition of a unique effort and initiative motivates you to do even better. The 20-21 edition could focus on unique initiatives taken by optician stores to provide their clients with the best experience immediately after the lockdown ended.


Jigar Gangar
Organization: Gangar Opticians

The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS means a lot to us, to our brand, as it is an expression of gratification to everyone associated with us who has helped us to achieve this.

It brings value that lifts the morale of the entire organization's strength. It is a promise, a reassurance of trust and loyalty of our existence and long-standing that our customers have given us. In future, this award will help us to differentiate our brand and build more patronage and live-up to the fact that there is something that makes our customers choose us again and again over others.

We will continue to thrive to lead ahead with this same spirit of excellence with winning such accolades Further, this recognition will allow us to benchmark ourselves against others and truly stand out from the crowd. In the year ahead 20-21 we look forward to further improving our business strengths with more dynamism and innovative approach towards our business thereby identifying areas of opportunity and growth with customer service, employees satisfaction, innovative marketing strategies, product development and new expansions. We truly look to a new horizon, a new transformation ahead.


Yogesh mulwani
Organization: ABC Chashmewale

The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS we received is truly one of its kind. It is the only award in the optical industry and we have framed this award certificate and displayed it proudly in all our stores.

This surely enhances and reassures our customers that in spite of being a 60 years old organisation, we are very much with the current times and are evolving. It is a good marketing tool. This 2020 year we had huge success with using Technology to spread awareness about the safety protocols we have undertaken at our stores. Using videos on WhatsApp, social media have boosted confidence in our customers to use our services. It helped us stabilise our sales to almost pre-covid times. Another point - the application process of the Awards was tedious and the website itself for submission was not very functional and simple. Hopefully the next time - it works better and it should be a simple process.

Regarding the 2021 awards, there should be award categories for maintaining CSR activities in spite of Covid times. Like I am associated with Round Table India which builds classrooms for needy children.

We conducted free eye-camps and free spectacles to these needy. Similar activities, especially during these times conducted by others too must be awarded. All the best for 2021.


Kunal Shah
Organization: Eyesavers

Receiving an ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS is a high point in my professional career. We have been working hard, offering enhanced optical and clinical services to our customers, introducing various innovative technologies in eyecare and eyewear and it feels great to be rewarded for your hard work.

It strives us to do better every day and helps us to focus on being the best We have been participating and thankfully winning the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS since last four years and this has made a great difference to our practice. It always feels great to be recognised within the industry and all credit to ‘YOU&EYE’ for creating this great platform. Their determination to ensure that the practices, people and products that excels in their field receive the reward and recognition they deserve is worth appreciating.

I am sure they have covered all the areas but would be happy if they could add one more category of contact lens practice in their portfolio. It will help a larger penetration of contact lenses within the trade .


Keshav Kalra
Organization: Dayal Opticals

We are grateful for the appreciation and have always been thankful for the acknowledgement. We look forward to being a part of the event in 2021. We will be glad to be included and participate along with the other renowned opticians.

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