Brand Profile : Exalt Cycle Young, Dynamic And Exotic

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Exalt Cycle Young, Dynamic And Exotic

Headquartered in Belluno, Italy, Exalt Cycle has always been known as a brand catering to the young and dynamic, focused on the most innovative proposals and best technical solutions and materials

The brand Exalt Cycle is famous for its innovative and avant-garde lines. Strengthened by its team of enterprising new designers and Italian production techniques, the brand has delivered some of the finest eyewear available in its category. Exalt Cycle has been in the market since the nineties. The brand has a history of passion, having always led the market with the most interesting trends.

The models have won hearts of leading personalities from the world of sports and entertainment. Their philosophy revolves around treating each piece of eyewear as a cult object, not just an accessory.

The History

Exalt Cycle was founded in Italy in the 90’s by ‘Vidivici’ and established a good legacy through its unique designs and quality of products. After changing ownership, in May 2011 the new Exalt Cycle headquarter was inaugurated in Switzerland by Andrea Trevisol.

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Andrea developed a good collection for Exalt Cycle. Later  Abd EL Halim Yousuf, the exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia,  took charge of the company. In 2016, the new Exalt Cycle line was introduced and this was followed by XY Chromosome as the second line. This also led to the inauguration of the brand’s headquarters in Belluno – Italy.

Design, comfort and technology are the three founding principles for Exalt Cycle's positioning. They have made research and innovation as their primary commitment. Exalt Cycle looks at research and intellectual property as a crucial competitive advantage for the strengthening of its brand.

Focus On Quality

Attention to quality is a fundamental element for Exalt Cycle in order to gain and maintain the customers' confidence. For this reason the brand is known to subject their products to rigorous controls. This guarantees excellent quality and avoids health risks that could arise from the use of improper materials.

Exalt Cycle is equipped with an advanced test laboratory where specialized machines test the product and the raw materials to verify their resistance, structural integrity and non-toxicity. The brand is an expression of a contemporary lifestyle, symbolic of belonging to an exclusive and selective world.

XY chromosome is not just a decorative feature but as a central element around which the architecture of each model is developed, a unique visual element that has a strong marketing impact. Exalt Cycle continues to position itself as a young and dynamic brand focusing on offering the most innovative proposals by using best-in-class technical solutions and innovative materials.

The brand always strives to give the user the best in terms of quality and unique dynamic designs. Their customers are men and women in the age group of 15 to 45 years. Their USP lies in providing the best eyewear for the best price.

Latest Offerings The Fan Following

Well, Exalt Cycle has the likes of Diego Armando Maradona, Marco Melandri, Vasco Rossi and many other celebs endorsing its range of impressive products. The brand goes one step further in seeking feedback from these stalwarts.

Owners swear by the excellent feedback that they have received for their products. This is clearly the catalyst that pushes them to innovate and develop the best in terms of eyewear. Patrons across the globe have praised the brand for its world-class offerings.

Challenges Overcome

Given the fact that the brand has changed ownership, one would assume that the philosophy has undergone various changes. However, that is not true. Like the 90’s, the brand’s focus continues on maintaining its leadership position in the domain of fashionable eyewear.

Relying on the Italian expertise and finesse, Exalt Cycle has continued to woo its customers with some of the finest offerings. The change of ownership has been gradual and the brand philosophy as well as the internal team has facilitated a smooth transition.

They continue to work with leading eyewear designers across the globe to maintain their leadership position. The single focus of the brand is to ‘Be different | Be unique’

Plans In The Pipeline

Plans are underway to position the brand in the market as a fashion leader with unique dynamic designs, best material and quality using their marketing tools. They are planning to reach out to people through television and radio ads as well as online campaigns.

The brand is currently available in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland and New York as well as many countries around the world. 

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