Crizal Healthy Lifestyle For Every Occasion

Crizal Healthy Lifestyle For Every Occasion

Different lifestyles need different solutions and to complement this change Essilor introduces “Crizal Happiness offer: Healthy Lifestyle for every occasion – Buy 1 pair and get Second at 50%”

With our experience in the past year, one thing is clear - Health has become the priority for everyone. And with the increased screen time, the approach towards eye health has moved from just correction to protection.

Our lifestyle has changed and so has the consumer’s. We see across the globe, including our friends and peers, people in general have become more health, family and personal development oriented.

This change can now be seen in people, living different lives and roles in a day, whether it is studying online or working  long hours, yet making time for passion and hobbies like photography, cooking, dancing, sport or exercise. We all want to do it all!

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At Essilor we understand different lifestyles need different solutions and to compliment this change we introduce “Crizal Happiness offer: Healthy Lifestyle for every occasion – Buy 1 pair and get next at 50%”

So you can choose the best solutions to suit your different roles. While you have Crizal Blue UV capture range as your pair of lenses for High performance at work, Transitions Gen 8 light intelligent lenses or Xperio can be your companion on those road trips and hikes, you have planned for the weekend.

While your vision is fogging up with the mask, Optifog can help you have a fog free vision during commute, and Eyezen or Crizal Previencia can be your choice for those binge watching or gaming nights, after a long day’s work.

The move is from dispensing to providing eye care solutions, by understanding the various visual needs of the consumer, based on the lifestyle, probing questions and offering relevant genuine solutions.

The Crizal Happiness program is a step to aid this transition in mindset and change, by providing eye care solutions.

The aim is to recommend the best solutions to meet different lifestyles and let the consumer make the choice, while Essilor’s efforts is to ensure that the trade and the consumers gain from the range of lifestyle solutions Crizal has to offer.


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