Crizal Rock Delivering Durability Like Never Before

Crizal Rock Delivering Durability Like Never Before

Lenses made to keep up with the fast-paced lives of the modern day individuals by Essilor

Let’s face it—life can be hectic. Your consumers need lenses that can keep up, resisting the scratches and smudges of everyday life. From knocking their glasses off the table to forgetting their cases to cleaning their lenses with their clothes, consumers put their glasses through a lot, and they deserve lenses that won’t damage easily.

And so we bring to you Crizal® Rock™, Essilor’s most scratch-resistant no-glare lens*.

Combining the signature Crizal anti-reflective coating with the best scratch- and smudge-resistant technology, Crizal Rock can do what many no-glare lenses won’t—offer an anti-reflective coating with unmatched durability.

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Crizal Rock lenses feature Essilor’s innovative High-Resistance Technology™, a combination of specific oxides proven to resist dust and scratches. The High Surface Density™ Super Hydrophobic topcoat provides exceptional smudge resistance while making lenses easy to clean.

The Anti-Particulate Layer actively repels particles, dust, and dirt at a molecular level, keeping the lenses cleaner longer.


To put its new Crizal technology to the test, Essilor has developed a protocol of technical and consumer trials to verify in-life performance and assess a lens’ resistance to scratches, smudges, and daily wear and tear : the Lifeproof multi-test.

This protocol assesses a lens’ resistance to the hectic lives of wearers:

  • Replicating daily risky situations for lenses.
  • Testing in front of consumers.
  • Ensuring protocol and results certified by a legal independent third-party.
  • Simulating situations like dropped eyeglasses, improper cleaning, or impact with objects.

The most notable of these is a new Sand Resistance Test, providing a more controlled and repeatable test with greater capacity to discriminate between high-scratch resistant coatings than the historical Bayer test. In this test, lenses were subjected to 300 shake-cycles in a sand filled tray; Crizal Rock showed a 70% increase in scratch resistance versus Crizal UV.

A separate extensive Cleaning Test – conducted by an external lab – replicated daily cleaning over the lens’ life. It involved 20,000 wipes with ink splattered on the lens every 5,000 wipes. Crizal was shown to be the easiest to clean lens.

Essilor has also conducted consumer tests, including an 18-month trial in which its R&D experts evaluated the difference in abrasion level between Crizal Rock vs
Crizal UV, worn in parallel.
In this, Crizal Rock had superior scratch resistance over the previous generation of Crizal.

And to push Crizal lenses to their limit – a Unique Torture Test was conducted on Crizal Rock. After a series of wipes, rubs, shakes, drops and hits before a panel of observers, an independent third party certified the “lenses are in new condition, without any scratches or dents”.

What the wearers gain?

With Crizal® Rock™ coating, eyeglass wearers are empowered to make the hassle of scratches and smudges a thing of the past.

Essilor has always worked towards developing lens technology to meet the dynamic demands of spectacle wearers’  and that is what has driven them to develop the Crizal Rock lens. The lens encompasses state-of-the-art technology which is a result of four years of research and development.

For optimal clarity of vision, UV protection, protection from harmful blue light and lens durability, you can surely recommend Crizal Rock as it is an all-in-one hassle free lens that keeps up with the consumers daily fast paced modern lifestyle.


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