Fine Vision: Transforming Eye Care With Precision Instruments

Fine Vision: Transforming Eye Care With Precision Instruments

Hardik Rashmikant Desai from Fine Vision speaks about the company’s achievements and innovations

Since 1954, this family-owned business has been revolutionising eye care with precision instruments, founded by Mr Rashmikant Desai and led by Mr Hardik Rashmikant Desai. From its headquarters in Mumbai to their corporate office in Navi Mumbai, Fine Vision is dedicated to providing accessible and advanced eye care solutions across India. Explore their wide range of ophthalmic and optical equipment, from TOPSEIKO-Autoref/Keratometer, Autoedgers, YEASN- Autolensmeter, Autoref/Keratometer, Manual & Digital Phoropters, Portable Autoref, Labomed Ophthalmic Microscopes & Slit Lamps, Refraction Chair Units, and Vision Charts, etc and experience the difference Fine Vision makes in preserving your vision.

VisionPlus: What factors does Fine Vision consider when selecting instruments and equipment to offer to its customers?Hardik Rashmikant Desai: Fine Vision prioritises offering high-quality equipment at competitive prices, coupled with excellent after-sales service. Our focus remains on providing value to customers through top-notch products and reliable support. Our motto revolves around delivering superior quality, affordability, and dependable service, ensuring customer satisfaction in the market for optical and ophthalmic equipment.

VP: How does Fine Vision ensure that the instruments and equipment it provides meet the needs and standards of eye care professionals?
HD: Fine Vision ensures that all equipment carries certifications from reputable authorities like US MDA, ISO and CE, alongside manufacturer endorsement standards and certifications. Upholding our rigorous standards, we distribute only high-quality models under our name, prioritising value for money. Our commitment lies in delivering instruments and equipment that meet demanding quality benchmarks and customer expectations.

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VP: Can you share any insights into the latest trends or advancements in optical and ophthalmic instruments and equipment that Fine Vision is excited about?
HD: At Fine Vision, we're making strides in eye care accessibility with our latest project: a remote optometry system. This groundbreaking technology empowers optometrists worldwide to conduct eye tests from any location, including remote areas of India where access to healthcare services may be limited. We're also proud to introduce the portable refractometer, a convenient and highly sought-after tool for accurate eye examinations. With these innovations, Fine Vision is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location, has access to reliable and efficient eye care services.

Introducing the New YEASN Auto Refractometer

Fine Vision proudly announces the arrival of the highly accurate YEASN  Autoref/Keratometer, Model YPC-100 & YPC-100K, now available in India. Designed and manufactured by Chongqing Yeasn Science Technology Co. Ltd., under the YEASN brand, this revolutionary device integrates state-of-the-art Rotary Prism technology for unprecedented accuracy in measuring refractive errors. Engineered for user-friendly operation, the YPC-100 features a maintenance-free, sleek design, ensuring effortless usage for individuals of all proficiency levels.

Fine Vision takes great pride in the international certifications bestowed upon the YEASN  Autoref/Keratometer, affirming its superior quality, performance, and safety standards. Committed to excellence, Fine Vision ensures that all equipment, including the esteemed YEASN Autolensmeter CCQ-1100 and CCQ-800, adheres to the highest industry benchmarks.

Representing renowned brands such as TOPSEIKO, YEASN, Labomed, PlusoPtix-Germany, Instaref Portable Autoref and many more, Fine Vision is supported by a dedicated team of marketing professionals, technical engineers, and efficient administrators. Their steadfast dedication to prompt and efficient service and the unwavering loyalty of valued clients drive Fine Vision towards mutual success. At Fine Vision, prioritising your vision is paramount.

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