Masterclass Knowledge Fest 5

Masterclass Knowledge Fest 5

Empowering optometry practice and innovation

The Optometry Conference held at Bogmallo Beach Resort in Goa, India, from February 9th to 11th, 2024, was a highly enriching and successful event. Over three days, esteemed optometry practitioners and industry experts convened to discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from practice management to clinical advancements, leaving attendees inspired and empowered with valuable insights to enhance their professional practice.

Day 1: Optometry Practice Management and Myopia Management

The conference opened with an inauguration ceremony featuring business card invitations. Sessions covered practice and myopia management, including talks on independent practice setup, marketing, and myopia guidelines implementation. Case-based discussions offered actionable strategies for patient care and practice efficiency.

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Day 2: Contact Lenses, Optical Practice, and HR Management

Day two showcased sessions on contact lenses, optical practice, and human resource management. Attendees delved into orthokeratology, myopia management via contacts, personalised optics, and AI's role in ophthalmic lenses. Panels and interactive sessions promoted knowledge exchange, highlighting adapting to tech advancements and HR optimisation for practice triumph.

Day 3: Clinical Practice, Presbyopia Management, Binocular Vision, and Community Optometry

The last day focused on clinical practice, presbyopia management, binocular vision, and community optometry.

Attendees participated in panel discussions on regulated practice, clinic setups, and community eye health. Expert talks enriched understanding of diagnostics, progressive lenses, and patient experience.

Masterclass Knowledge Fest 5 at Bogmallo Beach Resort was a resounding success.

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