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MIDO, the international eyewear show worldwide, is getting ready to amaze you, once more! MIDO is where the world of optics meets, where the best the industry has to offer in terms of trends, innovation, design, sustainability and creativity is on display, in a setting where deals are made and sales closed

An international event like MIDO must always be one step ahead in order to drive the industry and attract a younger crowd. On one side MIDO is extremely digital and all the tools that have been developed are absolutely at the forefront, from the campaign, based on A.I. to the website,  to the new social channels, all the improvements made on the apps, all the information that are given daily to visitors, that are all turning into digital.

With this in mind, MIDO has chosen to be not only an essential exhibition for all professionals, but also an opportunity for exchange, reflection and discussion on the future of fashion, technologies, production, and its link with the eyewear sector.

In the space that has always been dedicated to meetings and conferences, the OTTICLUB, topics about digitization, new social media, new tools designed for business and the vast and controversial topic of Artificial Intelligence will be discussed. In addition to this, sustainability, a very broad issue that needs clarity and concreteness to be fully applied.

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MIDO 2024 will see the presentation of the Certified Sustainable Eyewear label, which makes it possible to trace the sustainable process behind every single project and product.

It is a tool designed for all companies that care about the ethics and transparency of their products and the supply chain.

MIDO is dedicating 2 awards to sustainability, the Certified Sustainable Eyewear (CSE) Award, submitting a pair of sunglasses, frames or cases, and the Stand Up For Green award, for the most sustainable stand whose registration will close on 15 January.


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