NEO A perfect amalgamation of Japanese design And Indian workmanship!

NEO A perfect amalgamation of Japanese design And Indian workmanship!

Staying true to its motto of “a better, way finders…” Optilab has offered numerous solutions to the everyday need of an Optician. Let’s delve a little deep into the brand and its offerings

Founded by Lt Shri Nanubhai Desai in 1979, headquartered in Anand, Gujarat – Optilab is the leading manufacturer of Optical workshop machinery in India. Pioneering in manufacturing of metal bonded diamond wheels, Optilab is the market leader and a trusted name for edging solutions across India and beyond.

In the following decades since its inception the company introduced many other products such as frame warmers, sun testers, drill machines, supra machines etc. It is also one of the first manufacturers of semi-automatic edgers in the market.

Launching NEO

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In 2014 the company decided to take the next big step. Collaborating with Grand Seiko Japan, Optilab successfully developed a fully automatic patterned edger – NEO. With this, Optilab became the only Indian company to manufacture a fully automatic indigenous patterned edger. Staying true to its Japanese origin, Neo brings an unmatched quality output at
a very reasonable price.

What makes Neo Unique and unparalleled?

Neo is a perfect amalgamation of Japanese design and Indian workmanship. What truly makes Neo unique is its rugged, sturdy body and design, made to withstand the harsh Indian environment. The main advantage of this “one-piece chassis” design is a substantial reduction in machine vibration and increased machine stability. This results in longer service life and consistent quality output.

Another differentiating factor Neo enjoys over its competitors are its diamond wheels. Having pioneered in manufacturing and export of optical grinding wheels since more than 3 decades and taking advantage of this knowledge, Optilab was able to incorporate high precision diamond wheels in Neo. Due to the superior stability of the machine and the highest quality of diamond wheels, Neo is able to give a lens finish which is at par with any high end patternless edger.

The machine’s core building block, its software (logic), is Japanese. But what sets it apart are the tweaks that were done to its original logic to better suit an Indian user by making the interface simple and user friendly.

From the very beginning the company has focused on providing the best quality possible at an affordable price. To achieve the same Neo is constituted with high quality parts at critical areas (brass clampers, ultra-precise stepper motor and drivers, lead screw and nut made up of premium quality stainless steel, etc.). Also being a 100% Indian product, the after sale service and maintenance is very economical as compared to similar imported machines.

Future Offerings from Optilab

Looking at the current optical scenario in India, there is a steady shift from manual practice to an automated/software based one. Be it eye testing, lens dispensing, frame selection, etc. Same is the case in lens grinding. The consumer is much more informed and well aware of the choices available in the market.

The quality of work expected from an optician is increasing day by day. Hence it is natural that hand edgers are bound to be replaced by auto edgers. These are some exciting times for the auto edger market in India and Neo being the sole Indian candidate in the mix has a definite edge over others.

Having had a very positive response from the industry, Optilab intends to create a complete range of indigenous optical and optometry equipment along with sophisticated workshop instruments. We are confident that in the coming years Optilab will be able to offer “made in India” products that can match the quality offered by any international brands.

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