No greater gift than working alongside my children

No Greater Gift Than Working Alongside My Children

Joseph Tallier is no stranger to the optical world. Having successfully run many companies in the past, he recently decided to start Denon Eyewear with his two kids, Julian and Sophie.  We decided to catch up with him and find out a bit about what he’s been up to, his kids, the brand and its products

The pandemic may have been a time to pause for many. But Joseph Tallier doesn't take too kindly to playing the 'waiting game'. A man of action, he got his kids, Julian and Sophie, to join him in his new project, Denon Eyewear. And it looks like the team is raring to go.

VisionPlus Magazine : Hi Joe, Tell us a bit about yourself for the benefit of our readers here in the Middle East and India.

Joseph Tallier : As a native New Yorker, I grew up in a multicultural environment and saw, first hand, the dynamic world of business. This helped propel me in my career with all my international affairs when I was running other eyewear companies and now that I founded my own.

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As a family man, there’s no greater gift than working alongside my children. Most of the businesses in India and the Middle East have been strong family businesses whom we have a lot in common with.

VP : What's Denon Eyewear all about?

JT : Denon Eyewear offers time honored frames with a modern twist. The quality and the feel of our frames are luxurious but the price is affordable. We are doing old things in new ways and new things in new ways to ensure all our stakeholders are taken care of and our customers are happy with the frames. Denon stands for inclusivity, diversity, durability and sustainability.

VP : Having been in the industry for as long as you have, what's your take on family run businesses in the optical industry?

JT : Over the last ten years, family businesses have become corporate entities that have lost the personal touch that made them successful. At Denon, we’re not going to make that mistake - we’re going to make the most out of my experience and my children’s youthful perspective.

VP : You seem to be excited about this new beginning with your kids. Did you always know that someday, your kids would be joining you or was it a pleasant 'turn of events'?

JT : We were always a close family and they were always familiar with the optical industry. There was never any pressure to join my vision, but as I was developing this business from home, it was a natural turn of events. That was something positive for us that came out of the pandemic.

VP : What's your plan for Denon Eyewear for the near and distant future?

JT : Our goals for the near future are to provide the best product for our customers. We’ve identified a value gap in the market and have decided to satisfy the need for stylish, high-quality frames that are durable and affordable. Being a family run business, the personal touch will allow us to harbour relationships with all our stakeholders and eventually do everything on a global scale.


V P : So Julian and Sophie, how does it feel to work with your dad?

Julian Tallier :  Honestly it’s been an amazing experience. Despite only working full time for four months, I’ve been involved with this company since the beginning when we were creating the core collection together while I was still in University in Austria. To not only work with my father but learn the ins and outs of the eyewear business from the start has been an experience that could not have been possible in any other scenario.

Sophie Tallier : It has been an honor to say the least. We are constantly learning from him and applying those lessons to the business.

VP : Tell us a bit about the role that each of you play in the running of the business

Julian Tallier :   Personally, I work in and learn from all aspects of the business. One thing I am very proud of is designing and building the website for the company. Also, I enjoy working with the sales team that has been loyal to my dad for many years. I try to support them in operations management and marketing so that the whole team succeeds.

Sophie Tallier : I studied marketing and global fashion studies and worked for a large e-commerce company in category management and data analytics. So, my role in the business is data driven and creative.

VP : Does the work go back home to the dinner table at times?

Sophie Tallier : Yes, but in a very healthy way. We are all passionate about what we are doing and find ourselves planning and working all the time. It does not feel like we are working because we love what we are doing and are so invested in delivering the best service, products and experience in the market.

VP :  Tell us a bit about the brand and the product?

Julian Tallier : The brand is effortlessly luxurious; we work with some really talented and sophisticated individuals from all over the world to build our brand.

Our product is second to none, we’re out competing, in terms of quality, some of the most prominent names in the industry, in addition to creating authentic business relationships.

Sophie Tallier : Denon was inspired by an identified need in the market. We wanted to create a company that is invested in all of the stakeholders and create timeless luxury eyewear for an affordable price.

We always talk about how we use the collision of our generations (my dad’s and ours) to do old things in new ways and new things in new ways. The product really focuses on classic and fashionable eyewear that is beautiful on everyone.

With my dad’s experience, Julian’s and mine background in marketing and fashion, respectively, we have created a beautiful optical and sunwear collection.

VP : Thanks guys, it was lovely talking to you. We wish you the very best and we hope to see Denon Eyewear and its products soon in India and the Middle East.

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