One Frame Fits All!

One Frame Fits All!

No matter age, gender, skin color, budget or personality - Clear / Transparent frames are here for one and all

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” we can all agree that we have heard this quote before. In this fast paced world where new innovations and trends emerge at speeds that we sometimes can barely even fathom, it acts as a reminder to let us know that beauty can indeed be found in the simplest of things.

In order to be considered appealing, they do not always have to be the most complex of designs. While everyone is free to explore their own personal style, there is no denying the fact that every once in a while, Simple just does it better!

Be it a business meeting, a party or just posing for pictures - these multifaceted frames save the day

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Clear or invisible frames have been a part of the eyewear fashion scene for ages. Only recently have they made their comeback and have become the new trend that has been sweeping through the industry. As the concept of minimalism and the idea of “less is more” has been on the rise, this chic choice of frames appeals to many for numerous reasons. So if you are contemplating your next pair of glasses or just looking to experiment with your style, this article could help you to do just that.

From celebrities like Diana Ross and David Bowie to Sarah Hyland, Zoey Deutch, Gigi Hadid and Tom Hanks have been seen wearing these timeless frames, proving that they never really lose their charm.

These icons have undoubtedly contributed to making this trend popular regardless of the different eras in time.

On days where you might feel overwhelmed to choose the perfect outfit and along with it - the perfect accessories, these clear frames not only help save you time and energy but make you look elegant
and classy.

These clear frames go well with pretty much anything you might have in your wardrobe. People often choose their attire according to season or weather or even time of day. Along with this, comes the responsibility of choosing the right colors that compliment you accordingly.

Be it for the darker or more muted colors you wear for autumn or the bright and colorful ones you wear for spring, these clear frames go just right with them all.

Another reason which makes these frames so popular is the fact that everyone - regardless of face shape or skin tone - looks great in them. Oftentimes, some vibrant or even mild colors may make different people look dull or ill against their complexion and therefore it is not uncommon for many to specifically pick out those shades that give them a brighter or a more radiant look.

With transparent frames, these ideas become non-existent as they blend in perfectly with the wearer’s skin, eye or even hair color.

These frames can help highlight specific parts of the face such as the eyes, lips or cheekbones which may otherwise be ignored by wearing frames with other bright colors. Wearing lighter make up on the face, choosing the right style of frames, can help compliment the shape of the face. These comfort factors act as additional aspects to consider while jumping into one of the most happening trends today.

Finally, transparent frames also happen to be some of the most budget friendly options you can find in stores and online when searching for the right pair of glasses.

Considering all of this, there does not seem to be many downsides in wearing these classy frames in terms of fashion. However, a couple of things to keep in mind are as follows.

A common concern wearers may have with these frames is that over the course of time, they may be affected by a yellowish tint. The time taken and the intensity of the tint can vary depending on the exposure to sunlight, sweat or other chemicals like cosmetics.

Cleaning them regularly can definitely help to postpone this process and help them last longer.

With all this said, I bet your choice is now clear (no pun intended)

Let’s have a look at some of these frames available in the market today


Ambr Eyewear Zenith Cheeky and smart, these glasses along with their square rounded shape easily makes it a classic, suited for any face shape. Along with this they are also made with features such as anti reflective coating, being scratch resistant, hydrophobic, blue light filter and 100% UVA/B protection.


Ray-Ban Clubmaster (Transparent) With inspiration taken from the 50s, these frames take us back in time to the retro days. These frames are squared and have a high bridge fit - for those whose nose is above the level of your pupils along with adjustable nose pads.


Oakley Holbrook Made with the intention of keeping wearers protected from the sun, these square frames are comfortable, lightweight and durable.

Felix Gray Franklin These wide, blue light glasses with their unique shape have much to offer to wearers with their Grade A ophthalmic quality lenses, made with hand-finished organic acetate and double sided, anti-glare coating and clear lenses with no color distortion.

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