Opium’s Marvel Magic

Opium’s Marvel Magic

Unveil your passion for Marvel with Opium’s limited-edition collection

OPIUM Eyewear introduces a limited edition collection that draws inspiration from the fan-favorite Marvel character, Captain America. Following OPIUM’s success with a collection inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the excitement of a Marvel-inspired collection continues to unfold. Now, Opium presents a captivating assortment of limited-edition sunglasses inspired by the iconic Captain America, allowing you to infuse a touch of Marvel into your wardrobe.

Ronak Sheth, one of the co-founders of Eternity Lifestyles, which serves as the parent company of Opium Eyewear, expresses enthusiasm about the release of the sunglasses collection inspired by Captain America. According to Sheth, Opium Eyewear is dedicated to empowering individuals to express their unique narratives. The collection is specifically aimed at Marvel enthusiasts and passionate fans of Captain America.

The collection meticulously captures the essence of Captain America by incorporating intricate details into its product design. It offers a diverse range of sunglasses styles, including aviators, navigators, and wayfarers, all adorned with Captain America-themed designs at the temples.

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Remaining true to the character's persona, the frames showcase distinct design elements such as a gradient blue glass tint for the aviator style, while the frames feature Captain America's deep blue shades. The sunglasses case is also carefully crafted with the signature blue and red hues associated with Captain America’s suit.

Furthermore, the collection prominently showcases the iconography that is representative of Captain America’s shield, which is prominently placed at the centre of the frames or temples, making the distinctive icon hard to miss. Consistency is maintained throughout the collection, with important symbols like the shield being incorporated into each piece.

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