“Over the years we have built solid customer relationships globally”

“Over the years we have built solid customer relationships globally”

Alex Incera, President & Ram Narayanan Executive Director AMEA share their insights and future plans of Coburn Technologies Inc

Coburn Technologies have been leaders in global manufacturing and distributing of computer-integrated ophthalmic lens processing systems and ophthalmic instruments. Post pandemic, the focus is a lot on technology and where it’s going to lead. We decided to get Alex Incera, President & Ram Narayanan, Executive Director AMEA Coburn Technologies to share their insights.

VP: Coburn has always been a brand well connected to Lens Labs and that's understandable. But are there plans to create products for Opticians?

AI: For many years Coburn has supplied products for opticians that want to produce lenses in their own shops.  Our premier lab is a cost effective, compact, and simple to use laboratory package that allows opticians to offer a pair of lenses within an hour.  From surfacing, through finishing, and even hard coating, the Premier lab includes everything an optician needs to produce high quality prescription eyewear without relying on an outside lab.  For those opticians that want to offer fast turn around but do not desire to surface lenses in-house, we offer the Perfecto Finishing system. In other markets, namely the United States, we offer a broad range of diagnostic products for the optician.  We are exploring the possibility of expanding those capabilities to other parts of the world including India.

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VP: Do you foresee any specific sort of evolution in the near future that's a direct result of the pandemic?

AI: The pandemic has accelerated the development and acceptance of a broad range of products in the field of telemedicine, and the ophthalmic industry is no different. The impetus for virtual eye exams initially was that of convenience for the patient and optician, and in some cases, the ability to reduce costs for both.  The pandemic has created an even more urgent need due to social distancing requirements and fear of infection.  We foresee more and more products being introduced to offer a more complete virtual eye exam.

VP: Ram, How do you think Coburn has evolved over time?

RN: Coburn has a history of 65 plus years in business and my association has been for 23 years. We have certainly come a long way, we have pioneered several firsts to the market - CNC generator, Automatic Blocker, alternate to alloy and many more. Our patented single point cutting technology is the backbone for Digital lens processing. Over the years we have built solid customer relationships globally and that helps in bringing the best and relevant products to the market.

VP:  Any message you want to send across to the labs and the opticians?

RN: Coburn Technologies’ goal is to be your preferred partner and supplier.  We differentiate ourselves above all other suppliers in the industry along three key dimensions – technology, quality, and service. We invest heavily in new product development. Last year alone, in the midst of the global pandemic, we introduced 5 significant new products.  And our products can be found from the smallest optician shop to among the largest, most automated facilities, both of whom demand the highest quality standards.  Our team is global, with offices and warehouses in  America, Europe, and Asia, the second largest being in Bangalore, India where our team is committed to providing exceptional support to the entire Indian sub-continent.

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