Power, Speed… Carrera.

Power, Speed… Carrera.

The essence of Carrera Glasses has always been the association with power, speed and of course cars. Its brand position today is amongst the most popular eyewear for consumers as well as opticians who dispense the brand

What would you get if you combined the power and speed of a race car with the sophistication and elegance of a tuxedo? The result would be something very similar to what every design by Carrera has to offer. The brand is famous for creating designer glasses that flawlessly combine a posh essence with a sporty backbone.

Many people know Carrera for designing modern aviator frames that wrap around the eyes so elegantly. In addition, the brand experiments with a variety of square and round frames that are engineered to flatter all face shapes.

The History Behind the Carrera Label

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The Carrera brand was founded in Austria by Wilhelm Anger in 1956. Anger was actually inspired to create a line of sunglasses based on the Carrera Panamericana auto race.

Things jumped to the next level just a few years later when Wilhelm Anger developed and patented a special material that provided permanent elasticity and dimensional stability.

Carrera was originally created as a motorcycle and ski helmet brand, whose name was inspired by the legendary Carrera Panamericana road rally which traversed the length of Mexico.

Thus began the adventure of a brand famous for high-performance products which still today retain their original on-the-road spirit, dynamic appeal and consistently cutting-edge design. Over the years the product range has expanded to include ski helmets, sports glasses, optical frames and sunglasses.

Since 1996 Carrera has been part of Safilo Group: this synergy has amplified the stylistic and innovative potential of its products and strengthened the brand’s success at international level.

Today Carrera is a prestigious label, synonymous with design and technical innovation, a brand which represents a dynamic lifestyle and which communicates emotion.

Who Wears Carrera Glasses?

The sporty nature of the Carrera label definitely makes it a popular choice among people under the age of 30. This is a label that caters to people who are active and athletic.

Wearing a pair of Carrera sunglasses signals to the world that you are in the prime of your life. However, there certainly isn’t a closed-door policy when it comes to who can wear beautiful Carrera designs.

People of all ages gravitate towards this brand because of the quality it offers. You can be 16 or 60 and enjoy the fun of slipping your spicy Carrera shades on every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

Celebrities Are Captivated by Carrera

Carrera isn’t just a label that’s beloved by athletes. Celebrities in all categories are captivated by the beauty of Carrera frames.

In fact, many of the most celebrated male celebrities in the world are regularly seen in Carrera frames. The list of high-profile men devoted to Carrera frames includes Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Penn Badgley, Alexander Skarsgård and Robert Downey Jr. Leading ladies also can’t resist how smooth and sporty Carrera shades look when paired with any type of outfit.

That’s probably why Alicia Keys, Heidi Klum and Gwen Stefani have all been photographed looking lovely in Carrera frames.

Amongst celebrities, the one who stands tallest, could be the late Niki Lauda. He was an Austrian racing driver . He was Formula 1 World Champion in 1975 , 1977 and 1984 , runner - up in 1976 and fourth in 1974 and 1978 .

His first victory was at the 1974 Spanish Grand Prix , and his last at the 1985 Dutch Grand Prix. His story was immortalised in the 2013 movie ‘Rush’. Niki Lauda’s character wears a pair of Carrera 80 sunglasses, a re-edition of the “best of Carrera sunglasses”, models that made history.

These metal glasses epitomise the brand’s racing attitude, with their teardrop shape, combined with interchangeable polarised lenses, for high-quality vision in any light condition.

The “Victory C® Logo” visible on the front is an unmistakable signature detail of the collection and a symbol of the brand’s timeless style.


Combining classic shapes and craftsmanship with a dash of urban attitude, the new Carrera eyewear collection is characterised by comfort and lightness and offers a variety of versatile evergreen choices for everyday use. Unconventional and always one step ahead, the new style pushes the boundaries of design to the highest peaks of distinctiveness inspired by the utmost iconic and recognizable details of Carrera.

Cool, contemporary and practical, the Active collection is also created for all those with a competitive attitude, who believe that design and function complement each other.


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