Prada Eyewear Ceaseless Innovation, Understated Elegance

Prada Eyewear Ceaseless Innovation, Understated Elegance

A ruler of the world of fashion, with products that speak of minimalist luxury, Prada is in a class of its own.

It was the ultimate tribute to a brand. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ — the book and subsequent movie — a direct reference to an aura of glamour and high fashion. The century-old Milanese brand sure has come a long way since it began in 1913, from a simple leather goods shop owned by Miuccia Prada’s grandfather Mario and his brother Martino, to a name that is now synonymous with haute couture.


The Prada journey towards this pinnacle of success and recognition started in Milan, Italy, as a simple leather goods shop, in 1913. Mario Prada and his brother Martino owned it. The shop primarily sold leather goods and imported English trunks and handbags.

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Business was chugging along at a fairly easy pace until the next generation became ready to take over. Mario’s daughter Luisia Prada was the one who really set the brand on the path to growth and fame. She ran the business for almost 20 years and groomed her daughter Miuccia Prada as her successor. Miuccia furthered her mother’s ambitions and was truly responsible for taking the brand where it is today.

Her biggest contribution to the brand was her capacity to innovate and ideate. Very versatile in her talents (Miuccia was a former mime with a PhD in political science, a women’s rights activist, and an active member of the Communist Party), she literally transformed the brand and the world of fashion also.

When she took over in 1978, the brand was struggling with competition from new brands like Gucci. Luckily at that time, she met Patrizio Bertelli, who had been in the leather business practically all his life. Her creativity married with his hard business sense (quite literally, since they actually married each other in 1987) took the brand from strength to strength.

Their pairing was whimsical but perfectly matched. Bertelli was a tough taskmaster who ran the company with an iron hand and made sweeping changes including getting new designs for travel baggage and going back to the brand’s Italian roots, instead of selling the English style of luggage.

His mercurial disposition was famous – reportedly he once smashed the windows of a Prada store in Milan because he did not like its design! Quite uncharacteristically, he is also supposed to have ‘humbly’ once said to Fortune magazine, “It is not fashion that changes lifestyles. It is lifestyles that change fashion."


Miuccia worked on perfecting the classic Prada look, which soon became the toast of the fashion world. Since 1970, she had been making handbags out of a nylon material called Pocone. When she formally launched the black, waterproof handbag in 1985 it was an instant hit – mainly because of its sleek, clean look and versatility. It was touted as the classy, haute couture accessory for the hard working, chic and stylish woman of the time.

Another change that she brought to the world of fashion was replacing the overtly flouncy, frilly dresses, brightly colored garments of the time with classic, straight lines that projected a no-nonsense image, even as they were graceful and charming. This ‘clean’ look became the much loved Prada signature look, which characterizes the brand even now.

The success of the haute couture line prompted Prada to launch a more affordable prêt line – Miu Miu which was a runaway success with the “bad girls” as Miuccia liked to call them. Flowing shapes, earthy colors and prints set this collection apart from the rest of the prêt collection available then. More launches followed - Prada Sport, menswear, lingerie, shoes, fragrances, eyewear et al.

One of the best loved brands around the world, Prada is the darling of many celebrities - who are themselves grace and elegance personified, the epitomes of femininity without being weak. Time magazine once described Prada apparel as ‘unassertive, combining traditional good manners and an ultramodern industrial sleekness.’ This description very rightly matches the brand’s philosophy. Prada truly is the apt example of a brand whose luxury and beauty lies in its simplicity and not ostentatious display.

PRADA 2021

Prada has tapped into ‘Euphoria’ breakout star Hunter Schafer as the fresh new face in their latest campaign featuring the Galleria Bag. She plays 'dress-up by herself (and for herself)'' in playful Prada for a mini film by director Xavier Dolan and creative director Ferdinando Verderi, a minute-long exploration of curiosity and a revisiting of hope to create a new lens through which we can view the Galleria bag.

In the ad, Schafer is youthful yet eternal, romantic but not docile, as she epitomizing the Prada girl who can’t help but reach for the perfect bag before she walks out the door.

Dolan and Verderi call us to remember what it is like to fall in love with fashion afresh, to revisit “the magic of the fashion industry that is easily overlooked, forgotten” and to be reminded of “the purity of those dreams, that magic” according to their press release.


Prada is synonymous with a style that has often anticipated and dictated aesthetic trends. Innovative spirit, curiosity and strong artisan traditions are the tangible signs of the brand’s values that pervade the entire manufacturing process, from creation to shop floor.

For Spring/Summer 2021, Prada Eyewear explores classicism and modernity with a new collection combining iconic elements and contemporary designs, which gives life to a new definition of harmony.

The Prada Symbole special collection speaks of the brand’s avant-garde spirit. The styles feature a new iconographic reinterpretation of Prada’s traditional triangle logo, combined with three-dimensional frames and ultra-modern profiles.

The Prada Cinéma story is rewritten with an updated look and feel, a sophisticated and contemporary appeal that takes form in the new feminine and geometric metal frames.

The Prada Duple collection also makes a comeback, with a mix of harshness and sensuality. The bold metal construction is characterized by original pop enameled inserts highlighting the details on the front.

The Prada Titanio special collection, which is the creation of the exclusive mastery and craftsmanship of Japanese artisans, makes its debut this season. The ultra-lightweight frames, designed for men and women alike, are characterized by an essential design that enhances their slim profiles.

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