Pramukh Opticals Remarkable Start To The Year

Pramukh Opticals Remarkable Start To The Year

Pramukh Opticals setting the stage by launching Celine

Pramukh Opticals hosted its first event of the year in January at Devi Ratn, India’s pink city Jaipur followed by another event in February at Holiday Inn-Aerocity, Delhi. A large group of owners, comprising 60 key chain stores and prime retailer owners, followed by 75 key individuals in Delhi, displayed exciting collections from Pramukh Opticals.

Having solidified its position in the optical industry through a partnership with Thelios last year, Pramukh Opticals has expanded its reach by launching CELINE at Devi Ratn, Jaipur from January 6th to 10th, 2024. The venue was an ideal setting for showcasing Pramukh Opticals as the leading pan-India distributor of five brands under THELIOS, THELIOS, and LVMH Eyewear Excellence. The latest models of all five brands, including CELINE, FRED, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and Kenzo, received huge responses from key retailers, emphasising their presence at the event.

The stunning venue provided the perfect backdrop to showcase Pramukh Opticals’ impressive collection, featuring a wide range of global brands such as Zilli, Hublot, Moncler, Henry Jullien, Maxmara, Sportsmax, BMW, Adidas, Harley Davidson, Gant, CR7, Out of, Lotto, Azzaro, Guy Laroche, Elvis, and Spartan. With leading influential individuals from the industry in attendance, the exhibition was a resounding success, enabling networking and fostering connections within the optical world of India.

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Pamina, representing Thelios group, graced the events and engaged in conversations with key accounts from the Indian Optical Market. Through one-on-one meetings, she shared valuable insights with the key Indian customers while introducing the Thelios brands and outlining the plans of the group. Her presence and contributions left a lasting impression on the attendees, garnering admiration for Pramukh Opticals’ exceptional event.

Additionally, Marco from the Marcolin group participated in the event, showcasing the New collection across all Marcolin brands. Through individual meetings, Marco acquainted key accounts with the diverse brand portfolio of Marcolin, providing them with insights into the future direction of the company.

From house brands to private labels to premium brands to luxury, Pramukh Opticals has everything to showcase from its portfolio. Not only the presence of group representatives presenting the brand and the location’s convenience but also their integration of technology for the very first advancement of showcasing was appreciated by the customers.

Following the event in Jaipur, Pramukh Opticals hosted a second gathering in Delhi from February 17th to 19th. This enchanting setting offered not just Delhi customers but PAN India customers who missed the Jaipur event the opportunity to explore captivating eyewear collections.

The venue aimed to ensure convenience for opticians travelling from various parts of India. Customers from Kolkata, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala were among the esteemed attendees who eagerly embraced and appreciated the new eyewear offerings.

The presence of notable leaders from optical chains like Lawrence and Mayo, Titan, Bonton, GKB, Gangar, Dayal Opticals, Helvetica, R Kumar, V.A. Mayekar, Weldon, DGT, Vijay Opticians, Brother Opticals, Nagar Chashmaghar, Turakhia Opticians and many others further enhanced the grandeur of these events.

Their attendance exemplified the positive and enthusiastic response from the optical industry, appreciating Pramukh Opticals’ well-organised events that combined entertainment with a focus on the progressive evolution of the eyewear sector through innovative designs offered by leading brands for upcoming seasons.

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