SILMO D’OR x PREMIÈRE CLASSE, a fresh look at creativity!

SILMO D’OR x PREMIÈRE CLASSE, a fresh look at creativity!

Starting in 2016, the organizers of SILMO PARIS and PREMIÈRE CLASSE have collaborated to celebrate and promote a fresh perspective on eyewear creativity, viewing it through the lens of a "fashion accessory." Consequently, at every edition of the World Optical Fair, a PREMIÈRE CLASSE prize is bestowed as part of the prestigious SILMO d’OR awards ceremony

Since it was founded, SILMO Paris has been committed to accompanying professionals in inventing the future of the optical and eyewear field with actions that inform and increase the industry’s potential," says Amélie Morel, Chairman of SILMO Paris.

So, with a new arrangement in Halls 6 and 7, the trade fair reinvents the circuit to stimulate visitors’ curiosity and foster their discovery of nearly 1,000 exhibitors. This freshly redesigned space showcases the extensive content and distinctions coordinated by SILMO PARIS.

“The SILMO Paris array is global, and it covers all product categories. The frames segment is the most extensive, of course, with a nearly exhaustive range of all the styles currently on the market.

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For nearly 30 years, the SILMO D’OR awards have been promoting this diversity by recognising the design and technical dimensions of the products”, states Amélie Morel, Chairwoman of SILMO Paris.

“This partnership with WSN Développement, organiser of the Premiere Classe fashion accessory trade fair, builds a bridge between the two spheres and sheds additional light on creativity in eyewear. A panel of fashion professionals – independent from the SILMO D’OR juries – chooses an original product created by a unique eyewear designer, strictly from a fashion viewpoint,” adds the Chairwoman.

For Sylvie Pourrat, Director of WSN Développement Fashion and Accessories: “Premiere Classe presents the upcoming trends and up-and-coming designers of leather goods, shoes, jewellery, and so on.

The designers and accessories are selected for the creativity, originality and style, separately from the brands. Glasses are, of course, a part of this original, creative fashion world. That is why it appears essential to incorporate them more into this special prize.

It is associated with the SILMO D’OR event, which gives a perspective of the most stimulating aspects in terms of style.

The names of the winning designers since 2016 also demonstrate the very encouraging diversity of stylistic viewpoints.”

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