Spotlight : Inspiring And Enabling Generations To See Beyond… And Go Beyond

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Inspiring And Enabling Generations To See Beyond… And Go Beyond

ZEISS stands at the forefront of optical technology, bringing new innovations to the market in line with your business requirements. Here, in this article, ZEISS shares with us their vision and their way forward

Founded in 1846 and owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation since 1889, the innovative strength and extensive optical expertise of ZEISS has played a central role in shaping the eyeglass industry since 1912. Today ZEISS stands at the forefront of optical technology, bringing new innovations to the market in line with your business requirements. 2020 marks the launch of the most anticipated new range of ZEISS lenses, the ZEISS SmartLife Lenses portfolio, for the modern requirements of a digital, on-the-move lifestyle.

ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS Vision Care, as one strategic business unit of ZEISS, develops and produces exceptional technological instruments and offerings for the entire eyeglass value chain. This includes the development, production and distribution of high-quality individualized eyeglass lenses, diagnostic instruments and services, as well as all manner of platforms that an eye care professional needs to grow their business.

Since 2012, ZEISS has been operating a highly successful entity in Dubai and has been consistently growing in the previous years to meet the increasing demand of end consumers seeking for branded, high quality and innovative ophthalmic products in the MEA region.

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Today, ZEISS has successfully taken upon itself the operation of a Cut, Edge & Fit lab in Dubai in order to service the ever-growing demand in the region.

This year also saw the exciting shift to the new ZEISS offices and the Middle East & Africa Training Centre in the H-Hotel Office Towers.

The new office has allowed for the expansion of our team, as well as giving us the opportunity to introduce the regions first lighthouse for optical learning, the ZEISS Middle East & Africa Training Centre. Here we offer training sessions covering topics across all aspects of the optical business, for all our esteemed customers, from Optometrists to Sales Associates.

Responsibility with ZEISS Vision Care

As a company owned by a foundation, sustainability and business success have been inextricably linked at ZEISS for 130 years. Worldwide, ZEISS Vision Care teams in development, production, logistics, service, IT and sales – to name just a few – are working to conserve resources and practice social responsibility.

The “Green, Safe, Responsible” project, which combines over 250 individual initiatives worldwide into a single global program for ZEISS Vision Care, is designed to help us better fulfil our responsibility each and every day. When it comes to many issues relating to sustainability, we recognize that we are still in the very early stages of making improvements, and we continue working hard to achieve sustainable business practices across our entire company.

With you, our valued partners, we want to create a better world for the next generation. We work together to reduce water, energy and plastic consumption, as well as CO2 emissions during the production of eyeglasses and their distribution.

Innovative digital platforms for the modern patient

For over one hundred years, ZEISS has addressed the challenge of providing its customers with an optimal visual experience. Our daily work is sharply focused on the wishes and needs of our customers because every eye is as individual as a fingerprint and because individual demands for better vision require individualized solutions.

It is through our customers, eye care professionals, optometrists and opticians, that may patients get access to state-of-the-art eye and vision care.

Innovations such as ZEISS UVProtect Technology, instruments and platforms such as the ZEISS i. Profiler Plus, ZEISS VISUFIT 1000, and apps such as the “My Vision Profile” have received multiple awards for their design, user-friendliness and technological excellence.

Achieving perfect vision requires excellent measurements, diagnostics and centration. ZEISS offers instruments, devices and systems that keep up with the highest quality and precision requirements. The complete ZEISS digital experience, from the patient checking their visual profile at home, to the refraction and centration process, and finally putting on their individualized ZEISS lenses, is here.

Superior solutions for today’s needs

ZEISS strives to provide its customers, the eye care professionals, with superior solutions that keep in line with the ever-changing optical environment. As the world adapts to its new way of life amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing and the strictest hygiene measures will shape our everyday lives, and this will include contactless optical refractions, which will become the new normal, and ZEISS stands ready to meet your needs.

The ZEISS VISUPHOR and VISUSCREEN offer a completely contactless experience, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and respect are maintained, for both optician and patient, enabling you to be successful in your business, whilst delivering a seamless service to your loyal clients.

Powered by a ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 platform on a tablet, opticians have the ability to control the range of ZEISS Vision Technology Solutions, while safely keeping a respectable distance from the patient.

Combining research, innovative scientific approaches and real consumer needs, to find new solutions for better vision is deeply embedded in the ZEISS DNA. We are committed to delivering
the highest quality service and products.

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