The International Dealers Meet, 2022 Held By Pramukh Opticals In Dubai

The International Dealers Meet, 2022 Held By Pramukh Opticals In Dubai

Pramukh Opticals hosted a dealers meet in Dubai where they introduced ZILLI - the newest addition to their portfolio

A collaborative venture by three brothers, Pramukh Opticals Pvt Ltd has come a long way since 1998. Today, they are one of the leading names when it comes to distributors of international brands in Indian markets.

Recognised as one of the top distributors today, they have Azzaro, BMW Eyewear, Harley Davidson, Henry Jullien Guy Laroche, DKNY, Gant, Elvis, Spartan, ZILLI and many more in their profile.

Recently, Pramukh Opticals hosted its International Dealers Meet from the 16th to the 20th of August at the Crowne Plaza in Dubai.

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The event was a grand success where they showcased the brands in their portfolio, connected with the opticians and of course introduced the latest addition to their portfolio - ZILLI.

Brands such as Hublot, Henry Jullien, BMW Eyewear, Adidas, Azzaro, Moncler and many more were also a part of the event.

The event has been attended by over 70 esteemed opticians including stalwarts like Himalaya Opticals, Dayal Opticals, GKB Opticals, Bonton Opticians, Gangar Eyenation and several others. The dealers meet was a three-day event which proved to be an excellent networking opportunity for all attendees.

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