The Larger Universe Of Augmented Reality

The Larger Universe Of Augmented Reality

Smart contact lenses are poised to become one of the essential technologies of the future

Smart contact lenses are a groundbreaking innovation in the field of extended reality (XR) technology. Unlike traditional bulky VR headsets or AR glasses, smart contact lenses offer a seamless and inconspicuous way to experience augmented and extended reality. These lenses are designed to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, providing users with a host of advanced capabilities.

Smart contact lenses incorporate eye tracking, advanced displays, and eye-position-based user interfaces to create a digital device that is virtually invisible to those around you. These lenses can be used not only as computing devices but also find applications in various fields such as sports, assisting individuals with physical impairments, and aiding complex visual tasks. By enhancing visual capabilities, smart contact lenses play a significant role in the development of augmented reality.

Mojo Vision Lens is one such notable example of smart contact lenses that has garnered attention in the XR community. By leveraging the principles of XR technology, Mojo Vision Lens and similar devices offer users an immersive experience without the bulk and visual obtrusion associated with traditional XR equipment. The lenses enable users to seamlessly interact with digital content while maintaining a natural field of vision.

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The rise of smart contact lenses and other innovative XR devices has expanded the possibilities within the metaverse, a virtual shared space where people can interact and engage with digital content. With support for various unique platforms, the options for XR experiences continue to grow, providing exciting opportunities for discovery and exploration.

Smart contact lenses represent a significant advancement in XR technology. By harnessing eye tracking, advanced displays, and user-friendly interfaces, these lenses offer users an inconspicuous yet powerful way to bridge the digital and physical worlds. 

The Build, Visual & Audio Specs

The Mojo Vision Lens stands out for its impressive build and visual specifications. Unlike bulky headsets, these smart contact lenses house a high-tech display within a tiny 0.2" diameter form factor. With a pixel density of 14,000 pixels per inch, the display delivers exceptional visual quality.

The lenses incorporate advanced technology into their small design. They feature a low-power ARM M0 processor, a microbattery, an integrated power management circuit, a GPU, and a 5 GHz radio for data transmission. Despite these components, the Mojo Lens is comparable in size to a grain of sand, ensuring it doesn't interfere with corrective prescriptions.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Mojo Vision Lens is its ability to remain virtually invisible to others. While offering high-tech performance, the lenses blend seamlessly into the user's eyes and are indistinguishable to outside observers. Additionally, they can serve as corrective lenses, further enhancing their practicality and versatility.


The Mojo Vision Lens is controlled through eye movements, utilizing eye tracking technology. By tracking the user's eye movements within a 15° field-of-view, the lenses can pinpoint elements for interaction. The display synchronizes with the user's vision, tracking changes in focus. Additionally, the lenses work in conjunction with a relay system, connecting wirelessly via a 5 GHz network to a relay accessory worn by the user. Some models may also incorporate a hat with an integrated antenna for signal amplification.

The Experience

The Mojo Vision Lens offers an augmented reality experience that strikes a balance between the digital and physical worlds. Unlike some augmented reality solutions that overwhelm users with excessive information, these lenses prioritize displaying only the necessary data in any given moment. Whether you're trail running and need directions or engaged in work or leisure activities, the lenses are context-aware and provide relevant information accordingly.

Mojo Vision's focus on invisible computing ensures that the technology seamlessly integrates into the user's life. Users are not burdened with unnecessary information or distractions. Moreover, the lenses are designed to be virtually invisible to others, allowing users to enjoy the empowering capabilities without drawing attention to the fact that they are using smart contact lenses. The Mojo Vision Lens provides a user-friendly and unobtrusive augmented reality experience.


Concerns regarding the safety of placing electronic devices on the eyes are valid, and it is essential to prioritize safety when it comes to smart contact lenses like the Mojo Vision Lenses. Fortunately, contact lenses, including smart ones, are regulated as medical devices by the FDA in the United States and by similar regulatory bodies in the EU.

To address safety concerns, Mojo Vision has obtained FDA approval to conduct initial research through the Breakthrough Device Program. This collaboration involves engineers, researchers, and optometrists working closely with the FDA to ensure stringent safety standards are met.

The testing procedures for Mojo Vision Lenses have been carefully designed to ensure safety at every step. A strict checklist is followed during testing to verify the implementation of proper controls. For instance, battery temperature is closely monitored to ensure it does not pose any risks, and the lenses are designed to remain cool during use. 

Mojo Vision Lenses revolutionize perception, combining literal and metaphorical dimensions. As a groundbreaking augmented reality technology, they redefine the way we see the world, making it one of the most thrilling advancements in this field.


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