Truly Iconic Spectacles The Humble, Round Pair

Seeing how long round glasses have been around one would think they’d be outdated by now. Well, going by the iconic figures we have encountered in recent and past history, they’re anything but. So what makes the round pair so special?

Well, round glasses have been on the scene for a while now and they are, without a doubt, a great accessory to one’s outfit and, therefore considered ‘cool’. Classic, yet not out of fashion, round spectacles, particularly because of its rich lineage, are not only in vogue, but will also never be ‘out’ of it.

They have always had a vintage, geek-chic and Hollywood feel to them. And whoever chooses to wear this style can be sure to add gentleness to their personality, while setting a standard for a simplistic design statement.

While most fashion trends, especially circular sunglasses, are seemingly everywhere all at once, there are certain markers in history that trigger group-think mentality in the fashion industry. And though there’s no obvious source in chronology that might have ignited the interest of fashionistas who perceive this simple pair to be a strong fashion statement, we can always venture into the legends of our times.

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When one thinks of round spectacles, the first few names that come to mind include at least one of these - Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Harry Potter. Uncanny, how all of them, a league apart in their times, have one thing in common – round glasses. So what makes legends like them opt for the simple-shaped, earthy pairs?


A defining element of the hippie style during the 1960s counter-culture movement was owed to John Lennon, one of the front men of The Beatles. His superstar image, in round frames, has been peering at us from posters, album covers and book jackets for years now, and is embedded in mass consciousness.

Known for his sagacious appearance owing to his long Jesus-like hair and round eyewear, Lennon’s wire-rimmed glasses were sold at an auction, drawing bids of more than $1.5 million in July 2007, as reported by BBC. In fact, perfectly round metal eyeglass frames are more famously known as ‘John Lennon glasses’.

Another rockstar and living legend that carries off the rounded frames as effortlessly as used to handle a stadium full of screaming fans is Ozzy Osbourne. Known to his fans as the ‘Prince Of Darkness’ and ‘Godfather Of Metal’, his success with Black Sabbath and as a solo performer have seen him achieve more than 100 million in album sales. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Black Sabbath and honoured with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2015, Osbourne received the Ivor Novello Award for Lifetime Achievement from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers
and Authors.

Steve Jobs was arguably the greatest contributor to the 20th century invention, the computer. His classic ensemble was always complete with a round spectacle frame that immediately rendered a rather humble geekiness to this world-class IT tycoon.

Some believe that his fascination with John Lennon was why he wore these spectacles. And though his genius was easily understated because of the eyewear he sported, round spectacles, while being the humble man’s glasses, have always had an underlying charm about them. His demise has only made designers wake up to the round spectacles, which are now making a comeback. And Jobs isn’t the only legend that sported this unassuming pair.

Known simply as ‘Gandhi’, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Indian freedom fighter who epitomised peaceful living, is still an inspiration to leaders the world over. His modest attire was never complete without his signature glasses. In fact, Gandhi’s glasses, personal or second-makes, have a notorious history of being stolen. His round-rimmed pair are so obsessed over that they even inspired a font!

Lastly, Harry Potter (one can almost hear Snape’s rendition of it), the fictional character who took both the literary and the theatrical world by storm, couldn’t have possibly looked complete without his round spectacles. Predictions by fashion-trotters came true when teenagers and adults started appearing in the very round shaped glasses. Some even wore them simply as style statements, and not for medical reasons!


Circular frames, though known for the simplicity of their shape, are not face-friendly. On the contrary, they are very selective of what kind of wearer they suit. While in theory they compliment square, heart and oval-shaped faces, in practical life they can be quite disastrous on such face-types, if not carried off properly.

Round spectacles don’t only go by face structure, but also the wearer’s personality, which should be nothing short of someone who is well-accomplished and has a clear vision of what he or she wants in life. They also usually look best on people with strong jaw lines.

Legends live on, and in fashion history, the round spectacles have already carved a niche. Throughout the last century, round glasses have been associated with everyone, from celebrated artists and stars, to intellectual thinkers and business icons. And what is striking is that almost all of them are men and rarely a figure noted for his cutting-edge personal style. In fact, none of them really wore it to make a ‘style statement’, but unintentionally ended up making one and how.


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