VisionPlus EXPO 2022 Paves The Way For A Bigger Next Edition

VisionPlus EXPO 2022 Paves The Way For A Bigger Next Edition

Siraj Bolar, Editor-in-Chief, VisionPlus Magazine, pens an open letter to talk about the success of VisionPlus EXPO 2023 and spills the beans about the 2023 edition…

Curtains drawn as the second edition of the VisionPlus EXPO drew to a close towards the end of October 2022. Indeed, the big celebration of excellence in eyewear was everything and more. The one opinion that resonated all through the three-days of the event was – What a fantastic show, one of the best in the MENA region with a stellar display of brands!

Participations from the industry biggies, a stellar display in eyewear, optic technology, accessories, contact lens and many other categories, knowledge sharing and so much more – a grand celebration of the achievements of the optical industry. Yes! This is what the visitors had to say about the second edition of the VisionPlus EXPO.

The exhibition received an overwhelming response with visitors pouring in from several parts of the world. From chic designs to classy colours, the range was appreciated by the visitors. The exhibiting brands gained several buyers. Additionally, the event proved to be an excellent chance for them to connect to prospective buyers. Not just the stellar display of brands, the knowledge sharing sessions by VP Academy were also a huge hit.

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This time as a twist to the tale – we also hosted a panel discussion featuring the stalwarts of the trade sharing their views on the possible inter professional collaboration between optometry and ophthalmology. With participants from all over the globe, the concept was a huge hit.

Dubai, as the destination, was a significant factor that led to the success of VisionPlus EXPO. The city reinforced its position as a key destination for travellers from across the globe – it emerged as a popular procurement hub for the optical trade. And why not, Dubai is the perfect place to blend business with leisure, has a very business friendly infrastructure and is connected to every major city in the world. Infact, for the opticians in India – the travel time is very little, the location and language are easy to adapt which is again a plus point for procurement in optical trade. Lastly, Dubai offers the perfect medley of international eyewear brands from all over the world – surely a temptation that is hard to resist for opticians in India, MENA region and even South East Asia, when it is such an easily accessible destination!

Is a celebration complete without recognition! As a celebration of the excellence in the optical trade, VisionPlus EXPO also hosted the VP Awards.

Being nominated by the esteemed panel of judges was a huge victory in itself because it clearly indicates the superiority of the entry product amongst various options available in the industry. And then, the winners walked away with the coveted trophy – a recognition of the excellence that they have achieved and that the industry has appreciated.

Our team had a holistic promotion strategy lined up for the nominees and the winners. Using our print and digital channels, we publicised these brands to the optical industry to let people know of their uniqueness, features and capabilities.

I take pride in the fact that VisionPlus EXPO has achieved so much in just two years since its inception. It was conceived and propagated by FourPlus Media as the future of International Optical Trade Fairs.

I had carried this thought in me for quite a few months before the wheels were in motion. I and my team at FourPlus were determined to give the MENA region, an optical trade fair like the ones hosted in the West – an easily accessible procurement hub for India as well as South East Asia.

With VisionPlus EXPO consecutive success in two years, I see my vision take shape. I am all thankful to the visitors, exhibitors and sponsors for all that support that they have shown. Their constant support and encouragement has always motivated us to make each edition of VisionPlus EXPO BIGGER and BETTER!

This time will be no exception. With enquiries pouring in for the next edition, we have a huge responsibility of delivering to these expectations with an even bigger VisionPlus EXPO 2023. And let me tell you, I and my team are working towards it. There are big plans in the pipeline!

The promotions will be bigger ensuring that the brands on board get the best possible exposure to the audience that matters. Clearly, the promotions are going to be bigger – brands will get a chance to be promoted across the globe through our attractive marketing packages across the print and digital editions of our magazines in India, Middle East and South
East Asia.

In terms of organising the exhibition, the second edition raised the bar and we are confident of taking it ahead with VisionPlus EXPO 2023. As a token of appreciation for the love and support that the industry has shown – we have special offers lined up for brands that come on board for VisionPlus EXPO 2023. You can reach out to our representatives in your region to know more details.

With this I invite all of you to come join me in further strengthening the position of VisionPlus EXPO as one of the most loved and respected platforms when it comes to celebrating excellence in eyewear 

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