VisionPlus EXPO : All Set For An Exciting Edition

VisionPlus EXPO: All Set For An Exciting Edition

Get ready for India's only awards program that gets customers to recognize their favorite opticians

The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS is more than a name…it is a legacy that has united the optical trade community for six years in a row. Currently, in its seventh edition, these awards have become a force to reckon with.

If you think that awards and accolades are for a brand, the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS proves differently. Yes! This award program is a testimony of the love, respect and loyalty that a brand earns from its customers.

Each time a customer walks in to your store, it is an opportunity waiting to be capitalized. However, the twist to the story is that each opportunity demands a different amount of effort. Some may ask for time, some may ask for guidance, others may ask for a niche product, often it could just be a complaint that needs to be addressed… However, at the end of all this when you actually gain a customer – the feeling of victory is pure delight!

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The ZEISS YOU&EYE AWARDS are all about recognizing this effort that an optician puts into serving the customers and of course providing the best possible eyecare to them! So If you are wondering how this is possible, well, the entire concept of these awards revolves around recognising the opticians, their efforts by involving their customers to vote for them.


The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS is a recognition that speaks volume about the reputation of the winners as well as those who participate. Here is how: When you participate as an optician, it means that you are confident of the service and the product that you offer. After all, why else would you agree to be judged by customers!

Your brand rubs shoulders with the stalwarts of the trade. Like we said, the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS is a force to reckon with has only the among the best and being confident about them self are the participants, Above all, if you win, it’s a hallmark of the trust that your customers have in you because they are the ones that voted for you.


The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS in its sixth edition continues to be supported by ZEISS. The name ZEISS is also synonymous with the world’s leading lithography optics which are used by the chip industry to manufacture semiconductor components. There is global demand for trendsetting ZEISS brand products such as eyeglass lenses, camera lenses and binoculars.

In 175+ years of existence, ZEISS has developed into a global player and one of Germany’s most iconic brands that is shaping technological progress and through its solutions is extending the horizon of the world of optics and associated areas. When the concept of the awards was introduced, it is only natural for the pioneer in the trade to associate itself with something as novel and reputed as this.”

People around the world value ZEISS as a pioneer in the science of optics and a trustful partner to deliver market-shaping solutions with uncompromising quality.

ZEISS develops, produces and distributes highly innovative solutions for industrial metrology and quality assurance, microscopy solutions for the life sciences and materials research, as well as medical technology solutions for diagnostics and treatment in ophthalmology and microsurgery.

ZEISS group globally invests around 15% or over 1bn Euros in R&D every year for future ready technology first products and services

With a portfolio aligned with future growth areas like digitalization, healthcare and Industry 4.0  as well as a strong brand, ZEISS is shaping technological progress and, through its solutions, is extending the horizon of the world of optics and associated areas. It's association to the YOU&EYE AWARDS programme is an opportunity for it to give the opticians a platform that recognises their excellence by the people that matter!


With each passg edition, the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS are only raising the bar. And why not! The industry loves the platform – the participation, the event and the celebration – all of it inspires excellence! With hundreds of participations that have poured in ever since the nominations have open, the expectations have only risen.

Supported by the two thought leaders of the industry – FourPlus Media on board as the organisers and ZEISS as the sponsors – the industry can only expect the best in the form of these awards.


Participations and votes pouring in – in big numbers is a testimony to the anticipation in the industry. And yes, the big event is just around the corner.

Scheduled in Delhi, in the second week of April, the event is all set to dazzle. Yes! The industry is waiting with baited breath to see who walks away with the coveted trophy.

This year’s awards event is going to be a night that combines glitz, glamour and glory! So get ready to watch the participants inspire excellence in the first and only awards for retail opticians across India where consumers votes will choose the winner!

VisionPlus EXPO 2023 is ready

to dazzle another edition “The plan for VisionPlus EXPO – 2023 includes increasing the floor area by
50 percent and getting participation from over 70 countries to showcase more international brands of eyewear, machinery, equipment and technology for

the optical market across Middle Eastern and Asian countries. The response from all sections of the optical industry is overwhelmingly positive
and the visitor number is guaranteed to double! We look forward to more visitors from the Indian optician community for the show as Dubai is a convenient destination for most in comparison to shows like Silmo, Mido, or other international trade fairs.”

VisionPlus EXPO 2023 to be bigger and bigger !

“VisionPlus EXPO is not just an exhibition, it is a platform that we are developing to give the optical trade a holistic experience - get updated on the latest in eyewear, eyecare, equipment, technology and of course recognition - all under one roof. With the maiden edition in 2021, we set out on this journey to strengthen this platform. The success of 2022 is proof that we are in the right direction so 2023 is only going to be bigger!"

Of course the destination is Dubai so the ease of access from the neighboring countries and the state-of-the-art infrastructure will continue. For exhibitors and visitors - let me tell you that the show is only going to
grow bigger and better in every sense.”

And the highlight…

VisionPlus EXPO is all about celebrating excellence in eyewear – that is how Vision comes to life in its true sense. So, there are trends to catch up on in the form of the brands on display, the networking with the brand owners and of course the peers, an opportunity to stay abreast with the latest technology and a lot more! But, let’s not forget the highlight of the VisionPlus EXPO – the VisionPlus Awards Arabia edition. The awards programme invites nominations from leading brands and promotes a unique concept – where the opticians get to vote and make themselves heard. 

The VisionPlus Awards is a night loaded with glamour as the stalwarts of the optical trade walk the red carpet. The sheer excitement that grips the audience raises the tempo of the night and each announcement is greeted with a thunderous applause. No matter who walks with the coveted trophy, each participant is a winner because they showcase their confidence in their offering as well as their customer. 

Needless to say the night is incomplete without some element of entertainment – so there are awards that celebrate excellence, some fantastic music, food and beverage and of course networking! All in all, VisionPlus EXPO is a three-day event that gives you the perfect opportunity to blend business with leisure in the scenic locales of Dubai. Don’t miss this chance. For details, please visit

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