VisionPlus Premier League A New Ground for Opticians: Scoring on the Cricket Pitch!

Bank of Baroda Credit Card VisionPlus Premier League 2023 A New Ground for Opticians: Scoring on the Cricket Pitch!

A first of it’s kind National Cricket League was held exclusively for opticians around India in Mumbai

Cricket, a national passion in India, transcended its traditional boundaries, foraying into the optical world. Opticians from across the nation battled it out in the maiden Bank of Baroda Credit Card VisionPlus Premier League 2023.

Held at the vast Loknete Gopinath Munde Shakti Ground, Dahisar West, Mumbai, the league witnessed six teams – Opti Chargers, Sun Shiners, Clear Punches, Ahmedabad Hitters, Vision Riders, and Eterna – competing in a thrilling 6-overs match. In this unique clash of bat and ball, the Sun Shiners emerged victorious, claiming the coveted trophy in a nail-biting final against Eterna.

VPL Premier League is conceived by FourPlus Media. A judicious plan to get our national passion for Cricket and the professional optical industry together in a common pursuit. The entire initiative was helmed by Nicholson M Pavithran, who was joined in this endeavor by the sports-loving Bank of Baroda Credit Card, showcasing their commitment to fostering sportsmanship and industry camaraderie.

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Sun Shiners - Winner

The league kicked off on a bright and sunny day, November 23, 2023, and from the first ball bowled, it was evident that this wasn't just another cricket match. The enthusiastic crowd, comprised of cricket aficionados and supporters of the optical industry, witnessed a display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship that etched a historic chapter in the Optical Cricketing Industry.

The teams engaged in a series of quick 6-over qualifier matches, each game escalating the excitement in the stadium. The Opti Chargers, Sun Shiners, Clear Punches, Ahmedabad Hitters, Vision Riders, and Eterna showcased not only their optical expertise, but also their prowess on the cricketing field. It was a spectacle that left the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the outcome of each game.

The thrilling Semi-finals intensified the competition. The Finals climaxed in a gripping face-off between Team Sun Shiners, led by captain Neel Kadam, and Team Eterna, captained by Hitesh Ranawat. Sun Shiners emerged as the champions in a nail-biting finish, lifting the trophy amid cheering and applause from the crowd.

Individual brilliance shone throughout the tournament, with Neel Kadam of Sun Shiners not only leading his team to victory but also earning the titles of Man of the Series and Best Batsman. The Finals' Man of the Match was awarded to Manoj Polekar of Sun Shiners, while Sandip Machhi of Eterna claimed the Semi-finals' Man of the Match. Satyan Machhi of Eterna was honored with the Best Bowler Award, showcasing the diversity of talent in the optical industry.

The award ceremony was a memorable moment of triumph and recognition. Mr.Siraj Bolar, Founder of FourPlus Media, the creator and owner of the VPL Premier League franchise, along with key figures like Tabrez Bolar, Nicholson M Pavithran, and Rahul Sahai, National Sales Head of Bank of Baroda Credit Card, presented the awards.

The industry stalwart Mr Harish Gujjar was as ebullient as ever, providing leads and encouraging the venture. The contributions of individuals like Mr. Hemant Shah of Prime Optics, Mumbai, and the VPL team, as well as the energetic host Dr. Shweta and the indefatigable commentator Venkat, were also acknowledged.

This historic event not only showcased the talent within the optical industry but also fostered a sense of cooperation among professionals. The laurels and accolades bestowed upon the winners signify not just cricketing triumph but also the unity and spirit of the optical community.

As the optical world basks in the glory of the Bank of Baroda Credit Card VisionPlus Premier League 2023, it is evident that this maiden venture has not only made its mark in the history of Optical Cricket but has also set the stage for future collaborations and celebrations within the industry.

The Opticians emerged as the clear winners, not just on the cricket field but in defining a new chapter of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and shared passion within the Optical Cricketing Industry.

The Bank of Baroda Credit Card VisionPlus Premier League 2023 will be remembered as a pioneering event that united professionals under the banner of cricket, transcending the boundaries of eyewear expertise.

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