YOU&EYE’ Global Opticians Awards 2023 Starry, Starry Night

YOU&EYE’ Global Opticians Awards 2023 Starry, Starry Night

What an incredible night! It was a joyous Celebration of the professional excellence of the best opticians from across the world at the scintillating Festival Arena, Dubai!

They came from across the globe to celebrate their achievements in style. The evening started off with a short welcome speech by Mr. Siraj Bolar, the Editor-in-chief of VisionPlus Magazine and CEO of FourPlus Media. From the word go, it was a series of amazing highs, and wave upon wave of exciting awards were announced and awarded.

Mr. Siraj Bolar and Mr. Jasbir Bolar from VisionPlus EXPO, proudly handed out trophies to both the runners-up and the champions in different categories.

Apart from the announcements of the winners, foot-tapping Latino performances by dancers Luisa Fernanda Echeverry Ruiz and Deiner Duban Cajiao Castillo, great networking, and of course, a delicious spread of food and drinks that added a burst of flavor to the night! It was a lively and delightful tribute to the most efficient professionals in the field of optometry. It was truly an amazing whirlwind of activity!

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The 'Vote Of Thanks' was heartfelt, thanking the opticians for their hard work and dedication. Both the winners and the nominees received well-deserved praise for their commitment to improving eye care. It was a night filled with laughter, cheers, and unrestrained celebration, leaving behind enduring memories.

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