BBGR wins Silmo d’Or With Intuitiv

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Available since April last, Intuitiv has built on its successful launch by winning the Silmo d’Or in the “Vision” category. The only progressive that adapts to the posture of right- and left-handed wearers.

This prize was created in 1994 to showcase and reward the core values of our profession: innovation, technology and creativity.


These qualities are fully represented by Intuitiv, the lens that adapts itself to the posture of right-handed and left-handed wearers, offering opticians the latest generation of progressive lenses.

“We are very proud to accept this prize, which represents true recognition by eyecare professionals. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners and customers for the confidence that they place in us every day and for the wonderful welcome they have given to Intuitiv”, Christophe Chebac CEO of BBGR.

BehaviouralStudiesDid you know?

100% of wearers of progressive lenses are either right-handed or left-handed and they do not adopt the same postures. But until today, no progressive lens has taken this fundamental difference in behaviour into consideration.

  • Two ground-breaking patented technologies
  • Ergonomic Technology, driven by behaviour!

 Through an enhanced understanding of how wearers behave in their environment combined with pinpoint tracking of how the eyes move across the lens, Intuitiv is the first generation of progressive lenses to take account of the specific postures of right-handed and left-handed wearers and propose a dedicated solution.

  • VisionBooster, the new progressive era!

Thanks to new calculation technologies and a dual progressive surface, it is now possible to leverage optical optimization to achieve hitherto unattainable levels of performance!

  • A revolution for both opticians and wearers!

Opticians who stock this high end lens made in France can take a step forward by offering their customers greater behavioural freedom in their day-to-day activities combined with unrivalled fluidity of vision. Intuitiv qualifies for inclusion in the range of products labelled “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed French Origin).


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