Hoya Offer’s Pentax Brand Distribution To Yash Optics For the Indian Market

Hoya Vision Care India announced the Pentax brand distribution arrangement with Yash Optics & Lens for the Indian market beginning Jan 2023.

Yash Optics & Lens is headquartered in Mumbai and has carved its position over the last two decades as a partner in progress for opticians in India.

Mr. Serge Zins, Vice President Asia Pacific, reacted to this announcement stating that this demonstrates Hoya’s commitment to India by bringing in Pentax’s value proposition comprising of brand, simplicity, cost-effective, and consistent quality, which targets the emerging youth population of India as a fast fashion Lens brand. Pentax is available globally, supports the ECPs with communication with consumers and recommends the best fit for the

Yash Optics & Lens stands at the forefront of manufacturing hi-tech and digital vision healthcare solutions. From quality single vision to progressives, Yash offers a wide range of products in their stable with time-tested customer satisfaction.

Mr. Tarun Doshi said that at the core of Yash Optics & Lens is its mission to offer all Indians with the latest and best in Vision health care solutions and their endeavour to provide superior quality products and service. Pentax fits into this space in Yash’s offerings seamlessly.

Mr. Rajeev Kottiyal, Business Head responsible for the Pentax brand in India under Hoya India Pvt. Ltd, said there is a gap in the mid-segment of the market and Pentax as a brand fit in very well for ECPs to offer a value proposition as an international brand.

Mr. Sanjay Tiwari, Managing Director of Hoya India Pvt. Ltd, welcomed Yash Optics & Lens to the family of Hoya India and believes this association will go a long way for the Pentax brand and broader options available for ECPs from the Hoya group keeping in mind the commitment of Hoya Vision Care to the Indian market.

Yash Optics & Lens are prime sponsors in the Optica Mumbai Fair expo in Mumbai from Jan 21-23, 2023. The entire portfolio of products would be displayed at the fair.

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