Mykita Says Hello To Washington

Mykita opens its most recent eyewear shop in Washington

Mykita opens up its second shop in the United States on a stylish street corner in the historic neighbourhood of Georgetown.– 3001 M Street NW, Washington, D.C. Joining the line of Mykita shops around the world, each with their own distinctive identity, this red brick, heritage-listed building is one of the oldest in the U.S. Capital. The character of the old townhouse with its solid oak flooring creates a beautiful contrast to the clean and modern Mykita aesthetic.

mykita_shop_washington_en-1The interior design of the Mykita shop features a contemporary composition of different furniture elements and contrasting materials. Here the concept of the readymade objects removed from their original context merges with specially designed furniture pieces and stage-like lighting. The result is a kind of installation with a simple and clear construction that both preserves and complements the original character of the Federal era building.

The primary design element of the shop interior is the all-white Mykita wall. It comprises perforated steel angle beads reinvented from their traditional function as heavy-duty shelving supports. This backlit structure serves as a presentation area for the eyewear collections; individual shelf elements inserted into the wall provide each pair of glasses with its own stage. Well-travelled, out-of-service flight attendant trolleys are repurposed as a storage facility for additional eyewear models.

The integrated Zeiss “Relaxed Vision Center” is a special lab equipped with state-of-the-art precision instruments from Carl Zeiss research. The in-house optometrist is able to generate a customised optical profile and perfectly adapt the frame and lens for each customer’s face. Quality, precision and products made in Germany form the basis of the partnership between Mykita and world-renowned optical solutions specialist, Zeiss.

Located on a corner of M Street in Georgetown, the Mykita shop Washington joins a number of established, high-end boutiques situated in this popular shopping, dining and entertainment area.

In addition to the Mykita Shop Washington, the eyewear manufacturer has shops in Berlin-Mitte, Berlin-West, Cartagena, New York, Monterrey, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo, Zurich and Zermatt.


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