Safilo Introduces Atelier Eyewear With Elie Saab Couture And Oxydo!

Safilo Group opens its Atelier Division with Elie Saab Couture and Oxydo, the first brands to offer exquisite and differing Atelier Eyewear expressions

Positioned above the Fashion Luxury segment, Atelier offers to the most discerning customers across the world an exclusive new eyewear selection of highly sophisticated brands. They share the most refined product, expertly crafted in Italy, outstanding quality expressing exquisite artisanship, and combine aesthetic unicity, intricate detail and superior materials of innovative compositions. Safilo’s Atelier represents a most refined eyewear concept in the context of design, art, and fashion trends.

It will be available in the most exclusive specialist optical and fashion boutique stores, rigorously selected across the world. The Atelier brands will be presented in bespoke collections, designed with limited pieces in capsule collections, and exclusive Limited Editions made to order.

Safilo Group designs, creates, manufactures and distributes its iconic Eyewear collections derived from a prestigious and unique portfolio of international brands that spans the key eyewear segments of Fashion Luxury with Dior, Jimmy Choo and Fendi, and Premium Fashion with Max Mara and Hugo Boss, Contemporary Lifestyle with Carrera, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, kate spade new york and Fossil, Sports Inspired Smith, and Mass Cool with Polaroid, havaianas and Swatch-the-Eyes.

“With Atelier, we enter as per our 2020 Strategic Plan also the Segment of Super Luxury Eyewear. It offers very interesting growth and profitability rates. Because we have made high quality product and distribution differentiation the bedrock of our corporate strategy over the past few years, we can now scale that to match precisely also the requirements of the Super Luxury business model,” says Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo.

“We are delighted to debut with two exquisite brands – Elie Saab Eyewear Couture of unparalleled sophistication, and our own OXYDO blending trailblazing Technology and Art-inspired-beauty. In both, we have brought to life in market disruptive ways our renowned product savoir faire heritage and innovation capabilities.”


Safilo Atelier draws its inspiration from a long tradition of eyewear craftsmanship dating back to 1878. Today again, Safilo’s recently opened Padova based Product Design and Creation Studio embodies this nearly 140 year long craftsmanship tradition, blending savoir-faire, passion and dedication with cutting-edge technical solutions and state-of-the art 3D printing production technology for the creation of truly unique pieces of eyewear.

Safilo’s Artisans boast decades of eyewear expertise, often combining it with the art of jewelry and watch creation. They expertly create unique Masterpieces and Atelier Limited Editions, shaping sophisticated materials, stones and precious metals, chiseling every element with care and attention, in an environment that quietly celebrates the decades long tradition of the genuine hand made with its very own soul and conviction.


Revering refined femininity and sophisticated elegance through an exquisite mix of the modern Middle Eastern allure and French magnificence, Elie Saab Eyewear represents true works of art. It merges tradition and craftsmanship, high quality and attention to detail, precious materials and striking embellishments, and reflects the signature handmade embroideries and motifs that distinguish every collection of Elie Saab, from Haute Couture to Prét-à-Porter.


Pioneering a synthesis of design, art and innovation, Oxydo brings to life an avantgarde vision of Wearable Sculptures, deeply engrained in modern art. Its continuous drive for research and experimentation encompasses special collaborations with the most unique talents of the contemporary art scene, and mixes inventively Crafted in Italy, advanced technologies such as 3D print, and Architectural constructions.

The striking creations transcend the boundaries of the established eyewear propositions, representing the fusion of materials and techniques into an eclectic and iconic range. They are conceived for sophisticated and cosmopolitan individuals, absolutely engaged by the unique and distinctive styles. Each piece is available in a limited edition, exclusively made for the customer, and is marked by an identifying code highlighting the numeric progression in the year of the model release.

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