Sterling’s Stylish Duo: Ketan Parikh & Amit Parikh In Conversation With VisionPlus!

In conversation with the eyewear industry’s energetic companions, Ketan Parikh and Amit Parikh from Sterling Group of India

“How has it been for Sterling Group so far?”

Ketan Parikh: God has been extremely kind, no complaints, whatsoever.

Having been in the eyewear industry for almost a decade, Sterling Group is still looking forward to bring newer and better things while they stay updated with the current economy and fashion styles!

Here’s what Ketan and Amit have to say about their journey, India’s GDP, Brands in Sterling Group’s portfolio and Trends for the season of 2018!

Ketan on Trends 2018: Extreme, Colourful, Crazy… 

Fashion industry is going through a change that we have never seen in three decades…

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