Tribute to Bernard Maitenaz, The Clairvoyant

The Global Eyewear Industry were sad to learn of the decease of Bernard Maitenaz, an extraordinary figure whose contributions to eye health are acclaimed by the entire profession.

Lively and open-minded, a pioneer and a visionary, Bernard Maitenaz was always eager to share his knowledge, speak with colleagues, and take an enthusiastic view of the future.

An enthusiastic researcher who was always looking forward, Bernard Maitenaz was sincerely involved in the eyewear industry, and he will be sorely missed by the professionals who were fortunate to work by his side.

It’s only fitting to pay tribute to this great man. Do note his varied contributions in the video below.

Special Connection To Silmo

He was close to the industry, and he was close to Silmo Paris. From the launch of the first Silmo d’Or awards in 1994, he worked diligently as a panel member, bringing his keen expertise to the “lenses” category. When the Silmo Academy was founded in 2010, he assiduously participated in the Scientific Council, serving the vision sciences with acumen and clairvoyance.


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