Vision Rx Lab launches Rodenstock Generation 2 lenses In India

Rodenstock and Vision Rx Lab collaborate into a successful launch of a completely new Generation 2 lens products in India

Vision Rx Lab, one of the successful ophthalmic lens manufacturers in Asia, whose cooperation with Rodenstock, a renowned German branded lens with 140 years of experiences in the ophthalmic optics, dates back to 2003. Rodenstock and Vision Rx Lab inform a successful launch of a completely new Generation 2 lens products in India.

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, CEO of Vision Rx Lab addressing the participants at the launch

Further to this successful launch, a total of seven Vision Rx Digital Labs are in the completion stage of full Rodenstock Generation 2 installation and will be fully operational to effectively service our esteem patrons and their clientele across the length and breadth of India by Q1/2017.

The array of products include Progressive lenses such as Rodenstock Impression® 2 which offers optimizations to include, Retina Focus Principles, Individual Lens Technology (ILT), and EyeLT® Technology and now also available with Pupil Optimisation makes it possible to have crystal clear vision in every ambience and distances. Rodenstock MultigressivMyView® 2 also offers the unique EyeLT® Technology to promise better vision in the intermediate and near range. Final lens is calculated and optimized with the individual wearer’sprescription needs for a perfect wearing comfort. For the price and quality conscious, Rodenstock Progressiv PureLife Free® and Rodenstock Progressiv SI® 2 are amongst the choices with refined prescription to base curve matching system to providing clearer vision and compatibility.

For a consumer looking into entry quality digital freeform lenses engineered in Germany, netlineTM with 3D Freeform enables highly precise digitized optical surface, superior to any conventional lens.

Single Vision lenses for the perfectionist Rodenstock Impression® Mono 2, a truly individual Single Vision lens offering sharp vision to the edge with perfect aesthetics. RodenstockMultigressiv® Mono 2 FreeForm Single Vision lenses with backside multi-aspheric and front side spheric for the demanding wearer offers sharp and relaxed vision. Last but not least Cosmolit Free, FreeForm Single Vision lens with Backside Atoric and frontsidespheric offers outstanding visual quality and safe wearing comfort for the cost conscious.

Mr. Johnnie Foo, Lens Product Manager – Rodenstock Global Distribution Partner, Region E (S.E. Asia) presenting the new product range from Rodenstock.

These Rodenstock Generation 2 lenses were successfully launched with 4 successive seminars organised by Vision Rx Lab across India. These launch seminars were held in Kochi, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata respectively in the month of November 2016, which were presided by Mr. Johnnie Foo, Lens Product Manager – Rodenstock Global Distribution Partner, Region E (S.E. Asia) and Ms. Sulakshana Chakraborty, Chief Manager- Business Development, Rodenstock India, who introduced the participants to the new product range with benefits for easy consultation. Seniors members of the Vision Rx Family including Mr. Sanjiv Gupta – CEO and Mr.Saibal Mazumdar – COO also attended some of the launches announcing the launch of recently added Delhi and Chennai labs.

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