ZEISS 'YOU&EYE' AWARDS Is Back! Prepare To Win Again!

After a huge success and immense support that it garnered from the industry , ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS is back again with the same passion for excellence and endeavour with yet another edition of awards for the opticians. Rewards from the industry, to the industry!

With more than 400 opticians participating, we sure knew that the idea of ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS was going to be a success. As we were able to generate the kind of awareness we wanted to along with a buzz in the industry of something new coming up. By the industry, to the industry. But our thought of holding an awards night propelled into a grand ceremony that none could have anticipated. They came, they won and they had so much fun.

We hoped for a gala night with our industry friends who work hard in adapting the challenging latest technology advancements, but we got more than we asked for. Because let’s face it, the eyewear retail industry is an untouched market that has never been in the limelight before. And in all fairness, it was a moment of astonishment for organisers to see the enthusiasm, the opticians brought on board.


More than one lakh views was received by ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS and mind you, the event was only for a night.
The point was to bring the whole of industry under one roof and celebrate the work done, and done so well. It can be their latest collections, their services, their CSR initiative, you name it and our industry friends are already working on it. It is something to be very proud upon. But as much as the evening was about rewarding the work done by the comrades, the post-event feedback benefitted the opticians hugely.

The first of its kind, the award show focused on highlighting as well as facilitating the achievements of opticians from all over the country. But that is not it. The opticians had far more to grab and not just the award. The opticians who won literally became famous. As a media company, Fourplus Media that caters to the niche segment of opticians made sure to give all the coverage to the participants as well as the winners.

The opticians had a fan-base already, considering their customers voted for them. But they are now certified for the quality service they provide. What better reward than making a customer happy?

Our opticians friends have been such big supporters that they not only embraced their winning moments but used their victory as a major marketing tool. Some of them displayed the trophies on hoardings and the others placed ads in the local newspapers. They know now that they are not just any optician, they are award winning eyewear retailers who are about to embark on a journey and create history for the future generation to be proud of It is a matter of pride and prestige that they are taking the advancements in the industry and technology in their hands to do good to the customers.

Speaking of customers, ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS acted as a medium for the opticians to rebuild their terms with their customers. As they chose the best, now they will receive nothing but the best. They had a chance to become popular among the community of consumers that now knew how easy choosing their optician would be and that they could trust the services they will be providing. They know who is better and not to mention, the certificate of excellence is hanging in the optical studios of our friends. Why hide it when you can flaunt it?

Social media is the new God. Don’t you think? We made it sure our participants get a coverage that no one will forget. There were hashtags, photos, videos, tweets and pins! There was nothing that was not celebrating the participation of these 400 wonderful businessmen.

WE ARE BACK Let’s Win Some Awards

And this time, it is going to be BIGGER and BETTER. No, no, wait, it is going
to be GRAND. Expect a much more elaborate reach this year. This edition of ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS will yet again felicitate the spirit of innovation, effort and talent among the eyewear retailers of the country. It is an endeavour to bridge the gap and open up new channels of communication between opticians, brand owners and customers.

Celebrating the growth of the trade at large.


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