Hailey Bieber in X Vogue Eyewear III Drop

Keeping her gaze set on this year’s favorite fashion trends, Hailey Bieber’s third Signature Collection for Vogue Eyewear is ready to kick off the new season with six fresh shapes. And she has every angle covered. From the casual, throw-back mood of the latest catwalks to the feminine silhouettes and shimmering tones of the red carpet and the dynamic attitude of contemporary streetstyle, this drop frames it all. Starting with basics, that are anything but basic.

Low-key, yet irresistibly stylish, Hailey Bieber’s down-to-earth personality shines through transparent acetates and chic opal tones to give modern cat-eyes and slanted rectangles light, feminine appeal, while trendy larger squares define her take on a contemporary classic. Plus, when statement is the flavor of the day, an uber-trendy wrapped shape and new debossed logo execution go from 90s streetstyle to A-list glamour without missing a beat.

All HAILEY BIEBER X VOGUE EYEWEAR frames feature an exclusive Hailey signature temple and come with a dedicated Hailey Bieber Signature zip-up carry pouch.

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