Jared Leto In Carrera Flag Sunglasses!

Spotted: Jared Leto in Carrera flag sunglasses during the Milan Fashion Week

Jared Leto In Carrera!

The American actor, singer-songwriter and director, Jared Leto was recently seen at the Milan Fashion Week. The celebrity has always been complimented for his hip style in fashion and wearing the most different styles and carrying them fondly.

Leto has been most appreciated for his wonderful performances in films like Alexander, Lord of War, Mr. Nobody and Suicide Squad in the recent days. He was spotted at the Milan Fashion week wearing the most colourful outfit. Not to forget his accessory that completed the look: Carrera Flag Sunglasses!

The Carrera flag sunglasses are non-polarized, made of polycarbonate. These sunglasses are anyone’s choice who likes to look fashionable yet adores comfort and durability. Carrera fashion has been uniform in all their designs and this one is nothing less. Inspired by the Carrera Panamericana auto race, these sunglasses are your pick!


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