Serengeti Shades Worn By Jack Nicholson Sell For More Than $12,000

A pair of Serengeti sunglasses worn by Oscar Winner Jack Nicholson in the award winning 1997 movie ‘As Good as It Gets’ have sold for a record breaking $12,800, believed to be the most ever paid for a pair of vintage Serengeti sunglasses.

Serengeti, which carries the tag line “A True American Icon”, were the shades of choice for Nicholson, another True American Icon, as he portrayed novelist Melvin Udall in the hit romantic comedy alongside actress Helen Hunt. Nicholson and Hunt both won Oscars for their work in the movie, which was also a nominee for Best Picture of the Year.

Sunglasses were Jack Nicholson’s trademark throughout the years, and he has sported several Serengeti styles, which looking back, are still on trend today.

As consumers gravitate towards retro trends, stylish American heritage and superior lens technology, Serengeti, a staple in the 80s, is enjoying a surge in growth. The classic Serengeti designs with a modern twist and state of the art material is the choice of those who demand quality coupled with a unique design that lets them express their individual style.

The sunglasses worn by Nicholson were auctioned by Julien’s Auction House on April 28, 2021 and had been expected to fetch between $2-$4K before the winning bidder was eventually declared at $12,800.

The Serengeti Driver 5455c in Tortoise, a favourite of Nicholson who wore them everywhere from movies to Laker games, carried a retail value of $180.00 when they were a best seller in the 1990s


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