Blumax- New Age Lenses For Better Vision Protection

Vision RX has introduced Blumax, a lens material that provides protection from the harmful UV rays

Adults as well as children who are regularly exposed to digital devices are affected by the harmful blue light emitted from their LED/ LCD screens and thus experience symptoms of digital eyestrain.

Moreover, blue light emission is not only confined to digital devices, it is emitted by LED lights, CFL lights etc used for indoor illumination. Sunlight also carries harmful UV rays and blue light and hence optimum protection from harmful UV and blue light  is necessary both indoors and outdvision-RX_new_Blumax-Vision-Plus-magazineoors.

It causes digital eye strain, aggravates computer vision syndrome, blurry vision, eye irritation, headaches, neck and back pain and other asthenopic symptoms.

Vision RX has introduced Blumax, a lens material which provides protection from the harmful UV rays high energy blue light.

The Blumax lens technology uses a special material that effectively filters out harmful UV rays and high energy blue light both indoors and outdoors, thus claiming to offer seamless strain free vision. These lenses are designed to fit all prescriptions and lifestyle needs, ensuring better protection than just filter coatings.


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