Bollywood Actor, Ronit Roy In Conversation With VisionPlus!

Ronit Roy, the popular face from the Bollywood industry, recently launched a series of vision-care lenses by Yash Lenses, called ‘i-series’. Watch him speak for the product and admire it, in conversation with VisionPlus 

Ronit Roy: “I wear spectacles myself, and Tarun Doshi came to me with his product list and specifications and I thought it was a world-class product. 

What I am wearing right now has been made by Yash Lenses and I think it is a piece of great work. They have the right technology and as our Prime Minister has started to support the ‘Make In India’ program, I think it is a great thing as they are bringing International quality at an India price. So, I decided to associate with this brand!”

ISeries by Yash Lenses was launched at Optic India, 2017 with the sole purpose to provide better lenses that facilitate good vision and correct various kinds of vision-related problems.

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