Essilor Introduces Crizal Kids UV Lenses

Superior vision benefits from Crizal lenses now available for children.

DALLAS – Essilor, a leading manufacturer of optical lenses, announced the launch of Crizal Kids UV™ lenses, designed specifically for kids and their active lifestyles. Crizal Kids UV lenses are the first ever No Glare lens with both front and backside UV protection designed especially for pediatric patients.

Crizal Kids UV lenses come standard with Airwear® polycarbonate lens material and 5features superior eye and UV protection. The Airwear polycarbonate material helps protect against UV transmission on the front side of the lens, while Crizal Kids UV no-glare technology reduces UV reflections off the backside of the lens. Additionally, the lenses offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF®) of 25, which means young patients’ eyes are 25 times more protected than wearing no lenses at all.

“Essilor strongly believes in the importance of offering children the safest, most comfortable vision options to ensure quality of life and to enhance their education and learning,” said Howard Purcell, O.D., FAAO, senior vice president of customer development, Essilor of America. “We are pleased to offer now to children the same superior clarity of vision benefits and the additional UV protection that adults receive from Crizal lenses.”

Crizal Kids UV lenses are designed for children ages 5 to 12 years old and offer Essilor’s Broad Spectrum Technology™ coatings on safe, shatterproof Airwear polycarbonate lenses to safeguard their eyes during all activities. Crizal Kids UV lenses come with an unlimited lens replacement warranty for the life of the lens prescription.

Now with the launch of Crizal Kids UV, there is a Crizal lens for the entire family. The launch of Crizal Kids UV coincides with the third year of the Crizal national consumer advertising campaign, where even more consumers will be asking their independent ECP for Crizal lenses.

Did you Know?

Your kids eyes are exposed 3 times more to UV radiation than adults? Your kids crystalline lens in the eye lets through 6 times more UV radiation than adults? The new Crizal Junior UV lens from Essilor is designed specially keeping in mind the requirements of children. Tougher, lighter, more effective against scratches and UV radiation, these lenses are designed to perform better and longer.

Superior clarity of vision for school days

Clear vision is a necessity for learning. Crizal Kids UV no glare lenses offer clear, comfortable vision in the classroom:

  • Reduce glare from flourescent lights, whiteboards and computer screens, to alleviate tired eyes and headache
  • Double-sided, integrated hard coat resists scratches
  • 113° contact angle for smudge-resistant, easy-to-clean lenses

Superior Safety For Play Days

Kids are tough on their lenses. Crizal Kids UV no glare lenses come standard with safe, shatterproof polycarbonate lens material.

  • Most impact-resistant lens material to keep young eyes protected
  • Tough and durable to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Lightweight, thin and comfortable to wear

Superior Eye Health Protection Everyday

Kids’ eyes are more vulnerable to UV damage.

  • Crizal Kids UV no glare lenses provide the most complete daily UV protection for long-term
  • With an eye-sun protection Factor (e-spF) of 25
  • This means your patients’ eyes are 25 times more protected than without any lens eye health


  • Finished single vision polycarbonate clear, Range: +6.00 to -6.00 sph
  • Maximum eye size measurement for frame compatibility: <49 mm
  • Recommended for pediatric patients ages 5-12 years

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