JF Rey 2023 Eyewear Collection

Considering that minimalist design is to go to the essentials and reduce to almost the ultimate discretion, the “whispered design” of WHISPER appears through a slightly clearer aesthetic, mixing shapes and lines into subtle, fine, and delicate vibrations.

These new optical frames are for JF. REY’s women adopt a tense and controlled style. Their drawing favors the round shape, elementary and universal, timeless and always contemporary.

Achieved in a refined metal and an extreme precision that reveals the line as closely as possible, the models take on unexpected colors, shades that flirt with current trends, and a certain joyful exuberance. Lavender blue, fuchsia pink, spring lilac, poppy red, or apricot orange: the palettes focus on Pop and Eyeshadow colors, playing matching beautiful and creative contrasts in unstructured mode on the front of the frames.

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