Unleash Your Bold With Silhouette

Looking to make a strong statement with your sunglasses? Look no further than Silhouette’s expressive Accent Shades 2023!

Inspired by the select districts of Sarrià and Pedralbes in Barcelona, Silhouette has created two classy and exclusive models of sunglasses in the Accent Shades range that stand out with their fresh design. The impressive, wide Accent Rings made of metal attract attention whilst emphasizing the brow area. The upper contour flows seamlessly into the wide temples, forming a perfectly balanced design. When combined with rimless lenses, the result is a high-contrast, contemporary, on-trend look.

Minimalistic design, maximalist details

Anyone wearing these sunglasses for the first time will be surprised at how comfortable and lightweight they are. Silhouette stands for lightness and freedom. This is what makes these sunnies unique. The Accent Shades 2023 range has an impressive and exciting mix of minimalist design and maximalist details, with vintage styling and modern materials, combined with a good measure of extravagance and style. Sophisticated, elegant colors emphasize this self-confident statement.

Models for women and men in four color combinations

Both the Sarrià women’s and the Pedralbes men’s models are available in four color combinations. Fabulous and fashionable, brown and gray tones dominate for women, while blue and green set exciting accents for men. Fashionistas take note: anyone wearing Silhouette’s expressive Accent Shades will be making a very self-confident statement – and will definitely not be overlooked. Innovative Light Management Technology® also offers unprecedented protection against harmful UV rays. The specially developed transmittance ranges of Silhouette’s lenses provide a pleasant, brightening effect and brilliant, high-contrast colors, along with perfect anti-glare protection. Thanks to Light Management Technology®, the lenses are more receptive to yellow tones, which have a color-intensifying and positive, mood-enhancing effect.

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