A Rewarding Day: VisionPlus EXPO, Dubai Shines On

Day Two at the VisionPlus EXPO dawned bright and early, with visitors streaming in, talking animatedly about global optical industry news, views, and the highlights at the EXPO pavilions.

Brand owners and Buyers were in the process of understanding each others’ needs and inputs, all set to forge new alliances and extend already-existing lasting business connections. 

Product and tech demos ruled the roost, and new ideas, concepts, and techniques were explained. Parallel to this essential commercial activity, was the in-depth deep dive into frontier-line technology and management techniques at the VisionPlus Academy seminar that featured sessions on – The Business Aspect of Contact Lens Practice by Mr. Nilesh Thite, Marketing Strategy for the Optical Industry in the Middle East by Dr.Yazan Gammoh, a Panel Discussion on The Future of Retail Practice moderated by Mr. Neeraj Dabral; a terrific lunch, a Zeiss Presentation, and talks on Multi-focal Contact Lens – Opportunity and Communication by Mr. Nilesh Thite, Multi-focal Contact Lens Fitting by Mr. Bahram Berouzi Homa and a Contact Lens Fitting Workshop by Mr. Bahram Berouzi Homa and Mr. Nilesh Thitte.

The twin crowning glories of Day Two however were the 9th VisionPlus Awards 2023 Grand Gala and the global debut of the much-acclaimed You&Eye Awards Arabia 2023. There were a plethora of awards given away, a total of 31 awards in all! High adrenalin, great entertainment, triumphs, and jubilation marked the evening! Read more about these in our Newsletter.

A tiring but very very satisfying day, promising even greater fulfillment the next day. Visitors and participants, winners and runners-up all celebrated, and went off to prepare for another day of high action!

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