Blackfin Partners The Modena Cento Ore Rally

Special edition eyewear for the teams of drivers from all over the world

blackfin-modena-cento-ore-picture-2Blackfin, the brand of titanium eyewear entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, is partner of the 2016 edition of the Modena Cento Ore, the only rally in Italy and one of the few in the world where the drivers have to face up to the challenge of both circuit racing and stretches on roads closed to traffic: a winning mix of rallying and high-speed track racing.
Yet again for 2016 the race, organised by the Scuderia Tricolore and Canossa Events team, is completely sold out. Among the drivers, passionate amateurs and famous drivers like the legendary Jürgen Barth, winner of the 1977 Le Mans 24-Hours.
From 7 to 12 June, ninety spectacular classic competition cars speeded across Italy, coast-to- coast, on some of the most beautiful roads in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, from Rimini to Florence, from Forte dei Marmi to Modena. The Modena Cento Ore is more than just a race, first and foremost it is a knockout mix of fabulous cars and gentlemen drivers who come from every corner of the globe for a very special taste of Italy, combining the adrenalin-rush of the competition with the delights of delicious food and the chance to explore some of those uniquely magical landscapes.
blackfin-modena-cento-ore-blackfin-limited-edition-2Blackfin has selected two sunglass models for the event, styles that chime perfectly with the retro-vintage atmosphere that surrounds the race. The BF728 Key West and BF743 Waterhouse have been personalised with the “Modena Cento Ore” logo and they have been presented as a gift to all the teams in the race, one for the driver and one for the navigator, in the Sensation Black special packaging, an up-to- the minute, high-impact case with its exclusive metal plaque bearing the legend “Blackfin dedicated to Modena Cento Ore”.
Both models are inspired by the classic panto shape, a mix of classic styling revisited in today’s materials, expressing utterly timeless luxury. The alternating colour scheme gives the models their personality, enhancing the superb quality of the pure brushed titanium they are made from: midnight blue with sky blue mirrored lenses for the BF743 Waterhouse and dark brown with brown graduated-tint lenses for the BF728 Key West.

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